MTT SNG Coach Katie Dozier Joins

Today we welcome MTT SNG specialist Katie Dozier to our team of English language coaches. She will be hosting a live SNG coaching session with Collin Moshman on December 29.

Katie Dozier
This week at we welcome a new SNG coach, KatieDozier314.

Katie is an experienced SNG coach, and in particular will be focussing on MTT SNGs. She is also the wife of SNG coach CollinMoshman. How did you first get started in poker?

KatieDozier314: Collin and I started playing poker together in low stakes home games at Florida State University.  We were both instantly fascinated by the game.

I remember a moment in a goofy $5 SNG when I was in a heads-up pot out of position on the river, and my opponent thought I’d checked and he flipped KJ.

Everyone agreed that I hadn’t checked yet, so the action went back to me. The funny thing was that I also held KJ for king high, so I fired my first bluff ever. That was the first poker tournament I ever won, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

"I don’t need to “switch off” from poker as much as some people to feel normal, it is just such a huge part of my life." What is it like being in a relationship with a poker player?

KatieDozier314: I love the fact that Collin and I both have so much to talk about with poker. It is a rare day that goes by when we don’t discuss at least one hand. We often play the same WSOP and WPT events, and we’ll relay hands to each other on the break.

Collin quit graduate school to pursue poker full time, when I was still an undergraduate. I spent many afternoons in college watching Collin play high buy-in SNGs, and I learned so much that way. I feel incredibly fortunate to have a spouse that shares my passion for poker, and think that having a poker buddy, preferably many poker friends with different strengths, is one of the keys to success in the games. 

My three best poker girlfriends (Katie Stone, Jennifer Shahade, Jamie Kerstetter) and I formed “The Grindettes,” and I find their input and support extremely helpful as well. Is it hard to switch off from poker when you are so immersed in it?

KatieDozier314: I don’t need to “switch off” from poker as much as some people to feel normal, it is just such a huge part of my life. However, when I do need to calm down during a break from a live tournament or after a long session online, I find that taking a walk outside with Collin is the perfect remedy.  What has it been like, being able to coach, but not play, online poker in the US?

KatieDozier314:  I still play a little online poker on Black Chip, but of course it is not nearly the volume it once was. I miss playing online poker very badly. How long do you think a US based coach can be denied online poker before it impacts their own game?

KatieDozier314: My game has actually improved since Black Friday. I went from the rigors of 25-tabling, where many decisions are made in under a second, to playing larger buy-in live tournaments where I have all of the time I need to think.

I’ve also continued to study, and co-authoring “Pro Poker Strategy: The Top Skills” with Collin Moshman reflects that.  Having more time to articulate decisions has also made me a better coach.  What has the transition to more live poker been like?

Katie with husband
Collin Moshman
KatieDozier314: As I’ve talked about frequently with host Mark Hoke on Short Stacked Radio during the weekly Grindettes segment, the biggest mistake I made when I began playing live, was playing exactly the same as I would online.

Of course, there are some tables where I do play this way; such as in the WPT main day two and I was at a table with Vanessa Selbst, Annette Obrestad, Tony Dunst, and Mark Newhouse. 

Good players will obviously adjust to seeing the way that I play, but taking advantage of their initial assumptions is very important - and as a young woman, people tend to assume I am tight-literal.

I bluff check-raised Newhouse on a dry flop soon after he was moved to our table, because I didn’t think he knew me or would think I was on the level where I was capable of being more than literal.

When Obrestad was moved to our table, I remembered reading about her assumptions of women in poker (which I actually wrote a blog about last summer). I folded for one orbit, and knowing that she was opening very wide, 3-bet her button raise in the small blind with 86s. She tanked for a while and mucked.

Recreational players are a whole different breed though, in terms of their assumptions about me. When I was multi-tabling online, I would play a TAG style early, pretty exclusively. Since Black Friday, I’ve added a whole other LAG style to my play. It is particularly helpful when I find myself at a tight table, which this year, tended to be at the lower buyin tournaments I played.

Recreational players have the habit of really wanting to believe their default assumption about me. I might have a PFR % of over 30, and if I show a hand one time and make comments about a rush of cards, they’ll chalk my dominance of the table up to good luck!

"Recreational players have the habit of really wanting to believe their default assumption about me" Tell us a little about your two books.

KatieDozier314: I am lucky to share not just a passion for poker, but also for writing about poker with my husband. We have written two books together. Pro Poker Strategy: The Top Skills ($3.50 on Amazon) is a concise poker manual for every skill level. We received some great feedback on this book, and I really like how it leaves out all the filler and gets down to the most important ways to improve your game.

Katie's novel
'The SuperUser'
The Superuser ($.99 on Amazon) is a poker thriller/mystery based on the Superuser scandal. Collin and I wrote the first few drafts a couple of years ago, and Black Friday allowed us more time to polish it.

We had a great time working on it, and I think that many of the characters and interesting and reminiscent of stars in the poker world.

We’ve been excited by all of the praise for the book that we have received so far. What can we expect from your coaching at

KatieDozier314: I like to make videos that get right into the action. I think Collin does a great job of this in his videos, and it is certainly something I’ve learned from him. No one likes to start a poker video only to listen to a 5-minute preamble of what that person’s been up to since his last video!

I’ve found that my preferred format for videos is the hand history replayer, because I find that is the best way to focus on true in-game situations and allow for the best discussion of hand ranges.

I want my videos to have the kind of content that instantly elevates your game—not the kind of thing you’re still wondering how to apply to your game days later. I also try to keep it fun, as everyone likes to laugh! Are MTT SNGs one of the more profitable forms of SNG?

KatieDozier314:  Pre Black Friday, my favorite games to play were the 90-mans, which certainly were more MTT than SNG. When I started playing poker, I knew it was the big tournaments that I really wanted to play, but I started out in super turbo SNGs. Those gave me a great background for the live MTTs I play today.

"MTT SNGs are an excellent game for those looking to transition to live tournaments"  What are the biggest mistakes you see in MTT SNGs?

KatieDozier314: Some of the most frequent mistakes I see from students include:

• Miscalculating implied odds, i.e. playing too many speculative hands with not-super deep effective stacks.
• Missing spots where a bet/raise would show an immediate profit.
• A lack of shove/fold expertise   Are MTT SNGs the ideal learning game for a live tournament player, because of the sheer volume you can put in?

KatieDozier314: MTT SNGs are an excellent game for those looking to transition to live tournaments, because so many live tournaments are actually of MTT SNG field size, or of a similar faster structure. Of course, my super turbo grinding days were very important to my overall success.

Also, I think playing HU SNGs it a great idea for any MTTer, as so much of the money is made at that final stage of the tournament. Thank you Katie, we are looking forward to watching your training videos.

Katie & Collin will be hosting an exclusive live coaching session on December 29 at 21:30 GMT. The session is open to players of all levels, and they will reviewing SNG hand histories.

by Barry Carter

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