Master pre-flop play with Bierbaer starting tonight at 19:00 CET

All members are invited to embark on a three week crash course that's geared toward helping players stuck in the micros start crushing the games.

Game type: No Limit Hold'em
Coach: AdminBierbaer
Status: Free Basic 
Time: Every Friday at 19:00 CET
 Open coaching chat now

IMPORTANT: Click the link above to chat with Bierbaer during the coaching via our coaching player.

Today we announce a new three-week course with one of our expert coaches in the Poker School. Many of our regular live coaching sessions will focus on specialised topics over a number of weeks, for a much more tailored and detailed approach to learning. 

Starting tonight, our No Limit expert AdminBierbaer will be hosting a weekly course focussed on helping you master your pre-flop game.

With edges in No Limit Hold'em cash games growing ever smaller, it's never been more important to fine tune your fundamentals. Once you've moulded your pre-flop skills, the subsequent three week course will help you conquer poker math with lessons on odds and equity.

Conquer the basics of NL Hold'em

• May 16 (Basic+): Open Raising & Calling Ranges

• May 23 (Basic+): 3-Betting Ranges

• May 30 (Basic+): Crushing Pre-Flop - Live Session

To learn more and to ask questions, check out Bierbaer's coaching thread. 

Don't worry if you miss a week as we will be recording each session and it will be available a few days later in our video section. 

View the coaching in our new player

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