Our coach beat PLO2, see how you can too

Following a very successful low stakes challenge join our free PLO stream this evening to discover the necessary adjustments needed to beat PLO2.

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January 11, 20:30 CET

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While many of the regulars are resting after New Year, Kyyberi is still grinding PLO and inviting you along for the ride. 

Tonight is the return of PLO Primetime, an interactive PLO stream live, for free, on Twitch. 

As many of you will know, our coach took on a 20,000 hand challenge playing PLO2. Tonight on the free live stream he concludes his challenge and gives his final thoughts.

As you can see from his graph so far (right, click the image to enlarge it) he has been doing pretty well, so this is a must watch stream if you are a micro stakes PLO grinder wanting to improve. 

To learn more about the project and his stream, visit his coaching thread.

Finally, to make sure you never miss a free webinar, subscribe to our channel on Twitch today. 

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