Our new Gold No Limit Boot Camp starts today!

It is time for another intensive two-week Boot Camp for No Limit cash players. Now is the time to upgrade to Gold status if you haven't already.

Gold Boot Camp

Boot Camp is back!


The wait is over, our new GoldGold Boot Camp for NL25-NL50 players starts today! Running between August 18 and August 31, it will be an intensive two-week course geared toward helping you develop a solid game plan for those stakes. 

We will be dissecting NL25-NL50, but you will also benefit from it if you plan to move up to these stakes or if you want to make your game plan more solid, even when you already play higher.

We have a series of lessons built around beating this level, there will be homework assignments, 4 courses per week and GoldGold+ members will have access to higher level content during this time.

Our team of No Limit coaches will be w34z3lBogdanPS and Uri Peleg. Check out the schedule for the first week below:


Coach Topic Date/Time (CET)
w34z3l Approach to Gameplan
Watch the video
Pre-flop Gameplan
Watch the video
Uri Peleg Putting Theory into Practice
Thursday, August 21 at 19:00
BogdanPS The Perfect HUD
Sunday, August 24 at 20:00


The opening coaching with w34z3l is tonight at 21:15 CET and will revolve around exploitation, population reads and game theory. Click here to join the session.

If you haven't managed to attain GoldGold status in time for camp but want to take part, you can still purchase an upgrade in our Points Store.

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Comments (17)

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  • AtrociousNightmare


    I'm IN!
  • nmilan84


    Half way there, guess another week will be just fine to get to gold!!!
  • BotiaKiraly


  • DecMate


    Can NL10 players join this who are golds?
  • rompas


    this will be a great one , for sure i will be in :-)
  • SirTradeAlot


    Great Stuff! Very much looking forward to it!
  • Spidey1978


    Very cool. Any plans to do something like this with SNGs or MTTs?
  • ChoChikun


    IN I hope I will be gold till 18th
  • JustPlay4Fun


    That's exactly what I've been waiting for. Can't wait ...
  • moneymakerzzz


    WHAT THE -- "Boot Camp" IS , AND HOW WILL IT WORK?
  • moneymakerzzz


    Sorry - got my answer
  • darkonebg


    Hey guys,

    Everyone is welcome, as long as their status is at least gold by next week :)
  • ShawnlovesShawn


    I'm only a bronze level member. I took first in a hubble PStars tourney though so I know I'm golden anyways!
  • kondziu2017


    Will the trainings be recorded?
  • darkonebg


    #14 - Of course :)
  • alonohara



    now I have gold status!!! :D

    go2vids ;)
  • Hashkan