Partnership with PartyPoker, bwin and WPT Poker Ends

From December 28, new players will be unable to sign up to PartyPoker, bwin or WPT Poker via We intend to continue to give StrategyPoints for existing players until the end of 2015.

Unfortunately, as of midnight on December 28, the partnership between and PartyPoker, bwin and WPT Poker will end.

All promotional activity of the bwin.Party brands will cease, and as a result new players will no longer be able to sign up at these poker rooms via

We intend to continue to give StrategyPoints for existing players until the end of 2015.

If you need assistance regarding your PartyPoker account, you can contact our VIP Manager Hergen through VIP-skype pokerstrategyvip.

FAQ for players

Will I still receive StrategyPoints at PartyPoker, bwin and WPT Poker?
We intend to continue to give StrategyPoints for existing players until the end of 2015.

How are promotions affected?
As of this change, all promotions at PartyPoker, bwin and WPT Poker (including daily/weekly freerolls) are discontinued. Additionally, these brands are no longer a part of the Top250 promotion. For January, the Top250 prizepool will change to $25,000 for the Top100 players.

Will StrategyPoints earned from December 28 - 31 count towards Top250 in December and 2012 Gemstones?
Yes. will honour all payouts for cash rewards earned on PartyPoker, bwin and WPT Poker through December 31, including Top250 and Gemstones.

Can I still cash out my Tell-a-Friend (TaF) money via PartyPoker?
No. In order to receive TaF payouts, you will need to choose one of our online partner wallets (Skrill or NETELLER). Alternatively, you can receive your Tell-a-Friend money at both Titan Poker and Mansion Poker.

If my referred friends are playing on PartyPoker, will my Tell-a-Friend programme be affected?
No. Since your friends will still earn StrategyPoints playing on PartyPoker, you can still earn up to $500 if their account is tracked to you via our Tell-a-Friend programme.

I've just passed the starting quiz and my free poker money has not yet arrived at PartyPoker. What can I do?
Please send a ticket to our customer support team and we will assist you in selecting another poker room where you can use your free poker money.

What will happen with the community forums for PartyPoker, WPT Poker, and bwin?
The discussion forums will remain open.

Can you give us more information about the reasons for this change?
Unfortunately, we cannot provide any further information other than that mentioned above.

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Comments (51)

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  • MMPokerNab


    whoa. this sounds huge. :(
  • holmeboy


    Well that sucks...
  • confidant91


    so is it to late to create acc on wpt which would be connected to psgy or is it time to midnight?
  • dami


    It's midnight
  • metza


    Comments start at #4...suspicious :P
  • TheMoment


    sad sad, but look at the bright side, tables are unbeatable, now maybe it will become beatable :(
  • TheMoment


    what about sidekick promotion?
  • Haroldgold


    I guess bwin did not want to share profits !
  • BrendanH


    #10 the SideKick raffle ends today - - so it is not affected by this change.

    From tomorrow you will still be able to generate kicks via play at these rooms.
  • Xantos


    @8: 3 comments were on an old version when the news was released accidentially a bit too early. Sorry for the hassle, and I agree it always looks suspicious! ;)
  • carrapa


    Wow, huge changes... First 888, now party.bwin, Top250 is over... I hope nothing more changes on pokerstrategy
  • amater0001


    Any new partner rooms then?
    FTP or any of 888 network perhaps.
  • nabokow


    now we can play bots at iPoker
  • TheMoment


    the other sidekick promotion with JJ and 88 kicks
  • BrendanH


    @17 apologies, I missed that one.

    Any kicks earned on a room up to and including Dec 28 will count for this promo.
  • Phgrinder


    i guess this will make party network abit softer after 2015 then
  • CoreySteel


    Tilt more, Party less, right? :D
  • maritsula


    yea, i commented on the news two days ago when it was released by accident. is this only for pokerstrategy or is party.bwin applying a no affiliate policy just as full tilt did?
  • BrendanH


    @21, apologies that your initial comment was deleted.

    We don't have any knowledge about partnerships with others, so unfortunately are unable to answer this question.
  • DaPhunk


    woah, following on from FTPs example. I hope no one else follows suit.

    Party has been steadily going downhill for some time methinks
  • RovarTry


    bye, bye black member status and gem promo :(
  • BrendanH


    @24, just to clarify; since it is our intention to continue to give StrategyPoints for existing players until the end of 2015, you can still hold your status or acquire a higher status... such as Black Member status.
  • ShyPh


    Party probably cut the comission % for new players and so PS left? My list of accounts, signed up with PS codes, but not getting points is growing:
    Full Tilt,
    Party Poker (from 2015)
  • cordaci


    Just to clarify : you will get your rake cut from us playing on party for lifetime, why stop giving us points in 2015 though ?
  • ferdy81


    Someone please confirm #6 & #7

    I don't have WPT account yet, but was aiming for it after New year. If I create WPT account through PS now (till midnight), do I still get 500$ first depost bonus and tracked account?
  • BrendanH


    @28 yes, anyone with a tracked account created before midnight tonight can still avail of and fully clear first deposit bonuses.
  • HellFire021


    Can I create account on bwin (before midnight) and still recieve strategy points until the end of 2013?
  • HellFire021


    I meant 2015* :)
  • Cornie4ever


    @30 - yes, you can! any accounts created until today 23,59 will enjoy the same privileges as any older account, including SPs going forward
  • BigAl123456


    Party must be as stupid as FT, haveing no players come in on FTP has made the games really bad, Rush NL10 is the nittiest game on the internet if u can get Ks AI pre Vs anything other than As 100BB deep then ur a genious.
  • Cornie4ever


    "Rush NL10 is the nittiest game on the internet if u can get Ks AI pre Vs anything other than As 100BB deep then ur a genious."

    --haha, so true. I played 70k hands nl200sh rush from Nov, it got really nitty/reggy recently when traffic dropped by half. There is still edge post-flop but no jackpot pf indeed
  • Ndy69


    ok so can someone answer to #27 #27 #27 #27 #27 #27 #27 Myabe now someone will see this.Im really curious about this^^
  • kokos99sd


    #34 hell i would know how to take advantage of that!!! [spoiler] 5bet shove any suited connectors all day long [/spoiler]
  • cordaci


    so, in case you missed #27, will pokerstrategy get their cut of the rake we generate on party up until 2015? or will they get it after 2015 also ?

    i know tough question, management wont alow you to answer bla bla

    cause in case you haven`t noticed we can`t tag an account with some other affiliate on party nor on wpt or bwin if we have one tagged with pokerstrategy.


    why poker rooms that share also a casino make this stupid moves?

    if they think poker players are that stupid as their casino players , then they will be in for a surprise


    @ cordaci

    i may have an answer for you

    this is a long term move in the industry

    regulation of online poker is not far away. there's a tradeoff : since governments want the're taxes on profits, they will cut rakeback to 0% and switch it to the governments, so the owners will get even on a regulated market.

    we'll be fcked


    and yes , there's your money taken from ps tadaaaaaaaaaa.... 300.000 giveaway donkaments in january

    get it 5 times a day everyday with other 10000 freerollers for few thousands guaranteed .

  • Escobario


    answer #27 please

    you cant just pick and choose which questions you answer if you want to appear transparent

    tilt less party more promo backfired it seems
  • Xantos


    As mentioned in the news, we are *not allowed* to provide more information.

    This includes the answer to question 27:
    "Just to clarify : you will get your rake cut from us playing on party for lifetime, why stop giving us points in 2015 though?"

    Just as a general example, independent from the current case:
    We even give a lot of players continuous StrategyPoints even though we just received a 1-time payment for them some years ago. Simply because we want to treat our players fairly independent of the specific commercials.
  • BrendanH


    @27 our intention in trying to put a firm timeframe was to reassure members as much as possible that they could expect to receive StrategyPoints for the foreseeable future. It is difficult to predict what will happen in three years time. ;)
  • cordaci


    This year i raked 25 k$, your cut from that is somewhere around 8-9 k$ at least, you really should provide more information whenever i asked it imo...
  • Phoenix2104


    lol guys, do you still believe there will be online poker in 2015, at least as we know it today?
  • RobertDaPro


    Wow that is nice.. my comment was deleted! I was the first one yesterday who wrote that #27 needs an answer that this is really good question. That smells bad already. Also used phrase that "Party more, Tilt less"
  • SPeedFANat1c


    some day all poker rooms will disconinue the contract :D and there will be not strategy points to get from. Why not do it for them as anyway they are earning..
  • faronel


    I love this game of democracy where big companies claim to have a transparent business strategies, i.e. consumers and community should be able to keep in touch with the current industry trends, yet every major decision is hidden by the standard quote "we are not allowed to provide any comments". In the end, poker players are left with mere guessing on what is going on and what should players themselves prepare for. Please, do not start with misleading demagogy of "keeping accounts tracked until 2015", since it is just a derailing information.
    Anyway, this is a huge issue of trust. If I were a stakeholder at PS, I would be asking the right questions aimed towards the PS's chain of command since it seems like some mid-level management is getting things wrong.
    It might be a conspiracy theory, but with "we are not allowed to comment" is not making your position any better, guys.
  • BrendanH


    @45 all of our loyal members deserve answers to genuine questions. However, unfortunately sometimes our hands our tied by contractual obligations. This is frustrating for our members and all we can do is ask for your understanding.

    @49 to the same point, our business model is very transparent and in this instance we have no reason to provide 'derailing information'. The simple truth is that the affiliate partnership with has ended however we want to keep offering StrategyPoints to existing members for the foreseeable future.

    We actually put a firm date on that, in order to reassure our members and so that people would not think we were being intransparent. We could simply have said; it is our intention to continue to give StrategyPoints. However, the question was already asked; for how long will we give StrategyPoints? So, we updated the news and put a firm date on it.

    I hope that clarifies. :)


    if your 'partnership' with bwin party has ended , how in hell can you track activity from players on bwin party websites in order to give them the points based on the rake they ake solely for party.

    if you ask about activity, bwin party will rightfully ask, '' why should i give you info about some players you no longer linked to? they are our players now''
  • croyz


    A winner player wont get affected from this, as long as the room and the game is still be playable then there is nothing to be woried.

    I want to say thanks to PokerStrategy that give me chance to play at PartyPoker with the free $10 bankroll so I can have a real money account there and thanks for all the support from the team.
  • Sowulo


    I cash out from PP just on time. It was crap room anyway. I invested all of my bankroll on trading through little sister of :). No regrets...


    @52 a winner player is not affected by anything, he goes anywhere and starts winning much more than the rake

    no, no

    i am talking for the rest of us, losing players, didnt u see?
    we need the rake unlike you
  • croyz


    @54 well I dont know much about raking, maybe what im woried is if I had lost all my bankroll to $0 again at the room then I cant get the freerolls from poker strategy to rebuild my bankroll again.

    Hmmm.. I think this will make me be more motivated not to loose all my bankroll again because theres no more freerolls from PokerStrategy at PartyPoker.