becomes a Playtech company the world´s biggest poker school and community joins Playtech the world's largest online gaming software supplier traded on the London Stock Exchange.

Today we are delighted to announce that has been acquired by Playtech. Playtech is the world’s largest online gaming software provider, publically traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE: PTEC), and is well known in the poker space for running the iPoker network, which many of you are part of. will stay fundamentally the same and maintain its independence in the market. We will continue working with all of our current partners and continue to add additional poker rooms for you to choose from, without any restrictions.  

Behind the scenes, we will also work closely with Playtech by helping with upgrading the poker software and enhancing the iPoker network with the active participation of the poker community as well as your guidance and advise. Our goal is to help iPoker improve the poker product for players of all skill levels, recreational and professional players alike.

The current management team, consisting of CEO Damian dami Sokol and COO Pavel Cornie4ever Stehno will stay in place. Co-Founder Korn Dominik Kofert will remain with as a consultant.

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Comments (44)

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  • TheCelt


  • mktpppr


    shocked, "independence in the market" <:(
  • boboistina


    Hope PS doesnt become like their software is, a complete crap.
  • Shaytan17


    Hope that you will effectively stay independant and not only try to sell iPoker.
  • FatSunny


    The end is nigh.....
  • AwaysRemember


    welcome to iPokerStrategy
  • Phgrinder


    how much did they sell ps for? i would if it would make me 100M $$
  • carrapa


    it was obvious, PS just had great promotions with the great (not) ipoker...
  • erptech


  • Marta


    We would like to focus on our efforts of helping the iPoker network improve their product too, so both sides can actually benefit from this.

    Hi, yes - that's what we intend to do. There are no plans of restricting the offer to the iPoker network exclusively.

  • metza


    "we will also work closely with Playtech by helping with upgrading the poker software"

    thank god. ipoker software is the worst atm.
  • nabokow


    oh dear.
  • Dublimax


    Playtech has received feedback about their software for years. Nothing or so little has been implemented. Why would that change now?
    Playtech doesn't need ps to get feedback, they've had it for years!
  • RobertDaPro


    Agreed with the fact that playtech soft is worst around and to change this good it must be changed a lot! Hard to tell will this news turn out to be good or bad. Ofc we could use another room to compete with stars monopoly situation and overtake partypoker, but they must put in a hell of a work inside to do that
  • acerbikas


    Kind of saw it coming with the introduction of more iPoker clones (gala, coral, etc.)... Hopefully they do not forget stars -.-
  • mineriva


    does this mean that pokerstrategy will become filled with bots to?
  • nooni2k


    Not sure how I feel about this.

    Would like to see a substantial, detailed post from PS about what the implications of this will be.

    Particular focus of what/when/how they will be working with iPoker on software issues would be good. Also what influence iPoker will exert on PS's independence.

    This could end up being a good thing if PS influences iPoker, or a bad thing if iPoker influences PS.

    lol =D
  • mktpppr


    @19 +1, can make a thread in forum section pls
  • churchilland


    38.3 milions euros in cash. WOW I guess poker learning business is more profitable than poker itself, no wonder why so many pro poker players started learning schools websites and ect.
  • JonikoP


    Interesting. For a company with an EBITDA or €19.5m pa a sale for €38.3m seems like a low multiplier.

    PS seems to be losing poker rooms (Party, FTP, etc) pretty fast and I assume that the number of new players joining is falling year on yeear. Seems like a good time to sell to me.

    Raises some interesting independance questions - will other poker rooms be willing to work with PS now that they are owned by a competitor?

    As it is, Pokerstrategy is bound by the terms of their contracts with various sites not to make any negative comments about those sites so I don't think it is really an independent or positive force for the poker community now.
  • IvicaIliev77


    Finally some good news. Maybe you can bring more players on 11s+ 6 max on Ipoker...
  • mktpppr


    @22 yeah interesting, maybe iPoker bought to close it
    @23 lol u mad bro
  • UltimateBlue


    Vertical growth for Playtech
  • NightFrostaSS


    Seems like a good business move by PS. Poker affiliates will prob be obsolete withing a decade imo.
  • Heffron89


    Playtech have 50 million US to buy this, still they cant afford developers to make a equal to pokerstars software ?!??!
  • mktpppr


    @26 2-5yrs imo, with US players back extinction will be sooner
  • mktpppr


    @27 Playtech dont need/want better software, they dont want 50tabling regs, they want growth, they want new fishies who like 3D, bells & whistles, social media etc
  • jonnyjm


    @29: They don't want multi tabling regs, but they want multi tabling bots...ok then...very logical.........
  • Johnis


    Ok. I hope Playtech is going to have a very bad post-acquisition integration, which means they will not change pokerstrategy at all. Good times for the establishers of pokerstrategy - nice money in the pocket. I am afraid, however, that there might be some changes in the business model. Some additional fees for the statuses, or for a specific content, etc.
  • nooni2k


    #29: Fish like nice stable good looking software too =) I don't mind if they add in all the other stuff, if it brings more fish in.

    #22: Also noticed the tiny multiplier, not even 2x. Very weird, wonder why it was so low? PS desperate to cash out maybe?
  • Phgrinder


    ez game for domnik and the rest of the Pokerstrat crew. fuck i wish i had that money lol
  • NIVEKii


    Sure, remove my iPokerStrategy comment on previous news items, but laugh when someone else makes them :(

    I feel discriminated against!
  • maheepsangari


    I really liked pokerstrategy support.

    Sigh, will have to deal with iPoker level of support now.
  • ZeroDegrees


    Ipoker must be the worst room. Bots and colluding and more over and over again. Can't believe they still exist, Ipoker know this and is involved at the very least passively now that they have removed the bots that they never had as they state. I will cheer when they close. It's also obvious that PS know this but didn't react. The whole ipoker business stinks, all regard given to money, none to fair game.
  • Marta


    Thank you for the suggestion.

    The most relevant information has been mentioned in this news and comments are most welcome here. We understand that there might be additional questions from your side but at this moment we are not going to publish an additional statement. Apologies for the inconvenience, if anything changes in this matter, we will let you know.
  • Cornie4ever


    @35 hi maheepsangari, support is not influenced by the acquisition. As we say in the news (2nd paragraph), will stay fundamentally the same.

    Glad that you like our customer support! As also mentioned in the news (3rd paragraph), we will strive for customer feedback to be reflected in improvements efforts. So thanks all for the comments.
  • JonasJordan


    korn retired nh
  • TetraQuark



    biggest WR by ps member sofar :D
  • Raskolnikov


    Congrats Dominik and thank you for advertising in chess magazines back in the days. Without you i'd probably still think today that poker is just silly gambling.

    You deserve every single million you made.

    Gl with whatever you'll do in the future.
  • JonasJordan


    well thanks to korn I am a poker pro now not sure though if that was max ev ^^
  • ariwald


    I think the problem with Ipoker is heterogeneity. William Hill is not GentingPoker or Poker770 or Titan, etc. That fragmentation and the regular traffic only at certain time of the day (UK) makes it difficult to some players to adopt it as preferred poker client."Shoplifters of the world, UNITE to take over..." is still on parade in England?
  • Tarhonya


    @15 yeah, I don't think they care about anything other than profit.
    @18 hahahaha

    Anything, but Playtech...

    "world’s largest online gaming software provider" yet they can't code for crap and have no concept of security. For crying out loud, they are using FLASH.

    Also, pretty sure they're not the largest online gaming software providers, maybe gambling software providers, but definitely not online gaming providers.
  • Agiz19