PokerTracker 4: Interview With Steven McLoughlin

PokerTracker's Chief Brand Strategist & Player Lobbyist Steven McLoughlin paid a visit to the HQ in Gibraltar, where he hosted a live coaching for members & we grabbed him for this interview.

"We're meeting players' needs, but we won't rest"

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Our PokerTracker 4 offer Hi Steven, thanks for joining us! How are you finding Gibraltar so far?

Steven McLoughlin: Fantastic, thanks. I got up with the sunrise at 8.15am. So, has PokerTracker 4 been doing well since the launch?

Steven McLoughlin: Very well. Let's say that sales exceed our expectations. Most importantly, you can tell from our own forums and others such as the support forums that there has been mostly positive, and very little negative feedback from players.

This means we're meeting players' fundamental needs, which is great, but we won't rest. For example, we are now working on a new feature called TagTracker, it is an automated tagging solution. Sounds interesting - what's that all about?

Steven McLoughlin: In PokerTracker 3, AutoRate was a feature that gave players assigned icons (badges), but it was monolithic - for example, players would simply be tagged as a fish, a rock, an eagle... that just doesn't work in today's games.   

We found that our best players weren't actually using this at all, and it was mostly used by beginners - our goal is to create a solution that meets the needs of both beginners and more advanced players alike. What tag automation does is automatically create multiple tags instead of a single rating - for example someone can now be "tight" and "aggressive" and "losing player"; tags are completely flexible and customisable by the end user.

Steven McLoughlin and Damian Sokol
Steven & CEO dami That sounds great, can we expect any more developments?

Steven McLoughlin: We have many more in the pipeline; tag automation is just the one we've announced as of yet, we hope to have TagTracker available later this year. Also, Mac users will be able to use PokerTracker 4 within 60 days. Nice - so why else should people be persuaded to try PokerTracker 4?

Steven McLoughlin: Well, every serious player can and should use it to find leaks, improve their play and effectively coach themselves - and everyone can try PokerTracker 4 for free for 30 days, this way they can decide for themselves if they like our software . 

"You wonder how you coped without... the Vector HUD" In terms of the software's improvements on PokerTracker 3, what can players expect?

Steven McLoughlin: To start, we've built an improved user interface; everything is much more intuitive. In addition we have 3.5 hours of tutorials built-in to the software, which can be accessed by clicking the green question marks throughout the interface. We really wanted to avoid a big "wall of text" master tutorial, so each tutorial is built-in, short and easy.

PokerTracker 4 HUD
The PT4 HUD in action.
Some of our more exciting features include the Vector HUD, which allows the table to scale with the HUD and is seamless - trust me, you don't realise how much you need the technology that drives the Vector HUD until it's there, then you wonder how you coped without it! 

Personally I love NoteTracker - it gives you automated notes and the software is designed to not get in the way of your play. NoteTracker records the same notes you would make yourself about your own experience with opponents - it's easy to read and lets you focus on playing, rather than spending time taking notes.

Our ICM analysis is very powerful; we can calculate for up to 9 players at the table, even for "exotic" game types such as Double or Nothings, Fifty50s, and rebuys.  

Our ICM results are automatically included with equity adjusted winnings to create Net Adjusted Winnings on your tournament graph - basically this allows your graph to display all-in decisions correlated to the expectation of prize pool winnings at the final table  

Also, Hand Range Modelling now allows you to compute actual, realistic ranges - for example you can create range modelling that allows you to determine polarised or weighted ranges which represent the percentage of time that a player 3-bets. This is important, because "a range of 5%" is no longer just 88+, AJ+ in 2013!

"PokerTracker helps you help yourself become a better player"

PokerTracker 4
Special offer exclusive for PokerStrategists

Try PT4 That's a great set of features. Of course we must ask, how do you answer the concerns of those who believe that tracking software advancements could be providing players with an unfair advantage?

Steven McLoughlin: I like to use the example of trading on the stock market -you can trade by instinct, by advice from friends or brokers, or by using a trading desk. Now, does the guy who uses the trading desk have an edge? He doesn't.

He might use a trading desk because he's a better trader, it helps his decision process, but it does not make him a better stock trader.  PokerTracker 4 is very similar, you do not gain an edge from using our software - but it can help you help yourself to improve your play.

Now, if we level the playing field and no one can use a trading desk, who has the edge? It's still the guy who's the better trader! 

Let's take NoteTracker: if I play live poker in Las Vegas, I'm allowed to sit there with a notepad and write down what everybody does. Some people may not do this because they're afraid of what people think but that's silly, just do it - I take notes all the time.

PokerTracker is fundamentally just an automated note-taking process, it helps players focus on the game, but you could do the same thing with pen and paper if you wanted to. Thanks very much for your time, Steven - we look forward to your insights during the coaching.

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