Round-up: High stakes hand reviews

We’ve finished our second batch of high stakes hand reviews so let’s take a look at all the spots and results that were discussed this time.

poker friendsOnce again, with great assistance by our German coach IronPumper, we were able to enjoy another batch of highly interesting hand analyses from the highest stakes of online poker.

We've seen what crushers like OtB_RedBaron regularly have to deal with at those tables and even had a look at a hand involving hedge fund manager, film producer and high stakes poker fan Bill Perkins. In case you've missed it, here's what we've reviewed in this last batch:

Can you profit from Bill Perkins at NL5K?

high stakes sample hand

The first hand we've discussed confronted us with a tough spot on the river. Our options were to play check/fold, bet/fold or go all-in.

The most popular decision amongst the almost 1,000 PokerStrategists who voted in our poll was check/folding. That's not an unusual line taking into account the board in question since it's very well possible that the opponent wouldn't have a folding range anymore in such a spot.

Our Hero OtB_RedBaron chose an all-in, though, which was the second most popular option in our poll. This option can be considered the correct one since OtB is balancing his value range with such a line, enabling him to play his value hands just like he played Ace-high. Of course, we still don't know how many bluffs like that are actually part of OtB's range or if his opponent really has no folding range anymore.

In the end, the opponent had and of course called OtB's all-in bluff with that pocketing a nice juicy pot.

Can you exchange blows like OtB_RedBaron?

high stakes sample hand

Donkbet, check/fold, check/call—those were the options in the second high stakes review after our Hero OtB_RedBaron ended up with on a Turn with lots of draw possibilities.

All our communities chose the correct play with check/call by majority of 996 votes, from 44% in French community to 68% in its Spanish equivalent.

The range of 0Human0 is simply still too wide, enabling us to call with pocket tens without being too worried about it. In the end, 0Human0 actually had , putting him ahead against Hero with top-pair. Still, calling is the right choice because his range will obviously contain a lot more draws and bluffs as well..

Can you deal with an equity shift at NL5k?

In our third high stakes review our Hero was OhHeyCindy. The special thing about him is that he's not just another regular but a very loose and highly creative one. Through his unconventional loose-aggressive approach, OhHeyCindy regularly confronts other regs at the highest limits with very difficult spots.

high stakes sample hand

The resolution to the hand in question was a bit more unusual since OhHeyCindy rather played an unconventional "click it back" style instead of according to strategy.

In the end, up to 79% from 776 users that voted were right and wanted to simply fold against the Button's raise on the turn. In the actual hand, OhHeyCindy decided to counter with a min 3-bet to $2,385. However, OtB had the second best flush with in that spot and obviously called that bet.

OhHeyCindy's move in that hand didn't really follow any logic and hand analysis tools like Pokersolver suggest simply folding nines there as well. On the river, Cindy then didn't really have any choice but to put OtB all-in for another $3,046 in order to bring the hand to a somewhat reasonable end.

As you were able to see, even at the highest stakes of online poker regs sometimes end up doing weird things at the table. Maybe OhHeyCindy was simply tilting in that moment, but in the end, we'll never know for sure...

Can you bluff your way to the top at NL5k?

high stakes sample hand

In our last hand review, we've confronted you with a tough river bluff spot on the high stakes.

After our Hero Pass_72 bluff check/raised the flop and the turn with a flush draw and gutshot, we had to decide whether to continue bluffing on the river or not.

As usual, it's very important to think about the entire range you represent. Since we appeared to be quite strong with two check/raises and since a hand like 98 (which we could certainly play that aggressively, especially if both cards were hearts) hit a straight with the 5 on the river, the best option would indeed be to follow through with our bluff and go all-in.

Up to 56% of 741 voters thought the same, although there were exceptions. Check/fold got the most votes (44%) in Italy while betting 1/2 of the pot gained as many votes as the correct play in Portuguese community.

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