Round-up: How did you fare at the high stakes?

We’ve finished our third batch of high stakes hand reviews so let’s take a look at all the spots and results that were discussed this time.

high stakes hangover
The stakes are high

These last few weeks we were able to enjoy another batch of highly interesting hand analyses from the highest stakes of online poker. You were confronted with lots of tricky spots but most of you kept a cool head and found the optimal play.

Surely, no easy task considering you once again had to deal with the elite of nosebleed poker like LLinusLLove, Daniel 'Jungleman' Cates or Russian genius Trueteller and his unusual approach to No Limit games.

Here's a quick review of the hands we've discussed this time around:

Would you go full throttle on NL5k?

high stakes review

In our first high stakes review you had to decide how to continue our Hero LLinusLLove's play with on a NL5K turn. Most of you voted for the all-in line to balance our value range.

Although the on the turn is surely a help for Hero's range, making an all-in more reasonable, it's still the wrong answer, though.

Even against a call-happy player like OhHeyCindy you don't have a push with nines in that spot. There are much better suited hands in LLinusLLove's range in order to shove, like any 8x hand, and of course you shouldn't be bluffing with all of the hands in your range. Pokersolver doesn't recommend a push here either.

In the end, LLinusLLove is known for a special playstyle and consequently there are some controversial discussions about some of his hands. Still, he's currently one of the two best regulars on NL5K.

Can you take it to the next level?

Auslösung Pokerhand

In our second high stakes review we went up a limit and you had four options to choose from in a NL10k spot. The majority who voted decided to check/call with .

Turns out that hand was probably too easy for most PokerStrategists since more than 50% in fact chose the correct answer. No worries, though, we have been keeping things more difficult since then!

It's still worth mentioning though that a check/raise would have been a viable option as well, even if only for balancing reasons on the higher limits.

Stoned on the high stakes?!

poker hand high stakes

At this quite peculiar table high stakes legend Daniel 'Jungleman' Cates was a bit annoyed by some tanking of his opponent jinmay who needed more time than usual for most of his decisions. Jungleman vented his frustration in chat where jinmay, probably jokingly, admitted to being stoned and needing a bit more time to think about his moves.

Straight to the point: Only few voters were distracted by drama and tricked into picking the wrong line. Instead, more than 60% chose the optimal answer and wanted to fold their bottom pair with .

Disclaimer: Despite check/fold being the right play in almost any case, you can argue for a check/call on the turn in order to check/raise the river when you have an appropriate read on the opponent to make this a profitable move.

Who would like to play for $20K today?

Auslösung Pokerhand

The last hand revolved around the question of how to bring a kind of weirdly played hand to a reasonable conclusion on the river after Hero correctly checked to his opponent out of position.

Most of you decided to go with the option check/fold since Hero should have given up his hand on the turn already. If we're looking at this spot without any particular reads, that's definitely the correct answer and more than 50% of voters were right.

Still, a check/raise bluff provides the advantage of blocking A8 in the opponent's range. The reason that our Hero OtB_RedBaron did indeed choose that option could come down to a specific read, given that he's battling out with LLinusLLove almost on a daily basis. can be considered only marginally out of the check/raise bluffing range in such a spot, making the move Hero actually chose the right one with an appropriate read.

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