Sharpen your poker instincts

Learn to go with your gut more at the poker tables with this new mindset video from LuckyLukePS.


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Today LuckyLukePS is back with a new mental game video that should help you improve your poker instincts. 

How do you know when to trust your instincts or not at the poker table? In today's video our coach looks at how to know when you are making the right decision.

This new video will cover a lot of areas. including:

  • Absorbing information
  • Weighting decisions
  • Avoiding false positive and knowing when we're on the right level
  • Tracking your poker instincts

Your instincts are very important especially when you are playing a lot of tables online, because you have to know when to go with your gut when you don't have much time to act, so this video is a must for online players of all levels.

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