SideKick Promotion: 3x $1,000 Cash Winners, 3x iPad 2 Winners and New Feature

We recently announced that we were giving away three cash prizes worth $1,000 each, as well as three brand new iPad 2's. The winners have been revealed, see if you're one of them! Plus, the SideKick has a new feature - check it out! SideKick: Let's bring more fun to online poker SideKick
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The SideKick is a software tool that awards you with badges, or Kicks, whenever you play play a significant hand or hit a milestone.

Not only that, but you can also win cool prizes such as live tournament packages, iPads, cash and much more!

If you want to find out more about this tool, have a look at our forum thread below: SideKick: overview thread

3x $1,000 cash winners

In our previous SideKick promotion announcement, we mentioned that we will be giving away three $1,000 cash prizes. In order to enter the raffle, you simply had to earn the "Full House Hero" Kick by February 7 - the more times you earned it, the more tickets to the raffle you would get.

The winners have been revealed and you can see them below:

SideKick Promotion: $1,000 Cash Winners
Nickname Country
HansIV Czech Republic Czech Republic
kescha222 Germany Germany
eltropa Spain Spain

When notified about his prize, HansIV said:

"It is awesome! I have never won anything, I'm so happy. I'm also a poker beginner, so I haven't made much money by playing so far. Thank you for such a boost to my bankroll!"

Congratulations to all the winners! You will receive your cash prizes shortly.

3x iPad 2 winners

We also had three iPad 2's up for grabs in another SideKick promotion on Everest Poker. To get into the raffle, you had to win with pocket aces on Everest Poker before January 31. Three lucky PokerStrategists have been randomly selected and they are mentioned below:

SideKick Promotion: iPad 2 Winners
Nickname Country
nelly2013 Bulgaria Bulgaria
AArvanity Poland Poland
D0RIK58 Russia Russia

Enjoy your new iPads!

New SideKick feature: StrategyPoint counter

The latest feature of the SideKick is the StrategyPoint Counter. This appears in the statistics window alongside the new session stats, telling you your rake and StrategyPoints earned in each session of poker.

The Counter appears in the "Statistics" window of the SideKick and tracks your session rake and session StrategyPoints. As you play your session, the SideKick will keep track of your rake generated and StrategyPoints earned alongside your play time and hands played.

Find out more about this in our news announcement below:

New SideKick feature: StrategyPoint counter

SideKick Update SideKick screenshot - click for bigger

The SideKick supports the following poker rooms:

PartyPoker Titan Poker Mansion Poker
Everest Poker Poker770
PokerStars bet365 888poker

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