Stan James merging with Unibet Poker

At the end of February Stan James will be closing their poker room on the MPN Network.


200% up to $1,250

Get your bonus

All Stan James. poker accounts will be migrated over to Unibet Poker's standalone network, as Unibet Poker accounts. 

This means that this is your last chance to make use of the 200% up to $1,250 deposit bonus before the migration happens. If you were considering joining Unibet Poker this bonus is much greater than the first deposit bonus they currently offer. tracked Stan James accounts will continue to remain tracked to us, however if you use a different username on Unibet Poker you will have to enter it on your profile page to continue to get benefits. 

If you also have a Unibet Poker account and encounter any problems collecting new StrategyPoints after this merger, please contact us via our support ticket system

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Comments (6)

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  • Tara771


    It makes sense to get a bonus to Stan James if I have an account in Unibet? after the transfer bonus will be active in Unibet?
  • Tim128


    Same question as tara!
  • KostenBerg


    Tara771 +
  • Andreas


    No, if you wanna play for a bonus then you need to do this now during the next 2.5 weeks, of course.
  • Tim128


    Another question, my current unibet account is untracked, if I make a tracked Stan James account, will it then transfer to a tracked unibet account?
  • Andreas


    That's what the last paragraph of the above news deals with. Obviously we cannot promise anything in such cases but we will try our best to keep you guys linked.