Stoned on the high stakes?

It's another NL10k review and this time we're looking at a table where Daniel 'Jungleman' Cates has developed an unusual timing tell.

Daniel Cates Jungleman
Dan Cates

In today's hand we're back at NL10,000, including antes. Obviously stakes like this will, from time to time, catch the attention of some of the most known players on the scene. At today's table, lurking behind the nickname w00ki3z is none other than high stakes legend Daniel 'Jungleman' Cates.

Despite polarising a bit with his demeanor and playing style, he's been a very strong and highly popular player for years. What's particularly interesting about today's setup is that Jungleman had been annoyed by some tanking of jinmay who needed more time than usual for most of his decisions.

Jungleman vented his frustration in chat where jinmay admitted to being stoned and therefore needing a bit more time to think about his moves.

That might be important to keep in mind, even if it's not Jungleman but NLZWERVERNL who's going to battle it out with our hero jinmay in today's hand.

The former of the two opponents can't be categorised as a reg since he's not really playing the highest limits on a daily basis. In contrast, jinmay can be regularly found on the highest stakes and isn't shy about competing with other regs. He's getting a lot of attention by experts observing the action on the highest limits and most agree that he's got a bright future ahead of him.

Diving into the action

We've mentioned it a couple of times by now, so just a quick reminder at this point that limping on these limits gets highly profitable as soon as antes are in play. Consequently, we only get to witness a complete and check preflop, so there's not much to talk about.

High Roller Analysecates
The action of today's NL10k hand

This leads to an unraised blind versus blind pot and in setups like that almost any board structure is usually better for the Small Blind than the Big Blind. The latter tends to only have a narrow checking range in such a spot that mostly consists of weak hands since any stronger hands would certainly be raised. With a range like that, it's hard to pick up a favourable flop, still low boards like surely fit that category, actually hitting the checking range of the Big Blind here quite well.

Nonetheless, our Hero can open almost any flop and due to his wide range, a small bet size will do the job. In response, NLZWERVERNL decides to raise and make use of his positional advantage, putting pressure on the wide betting range of jinmay.

In order to avoid playing bet/fold too often in this spot, our Hero now has to call with a rather large part of his range against the raise. We know bottom pair with a backdoor flush draw is enough to do just that.

Tension on the turn


Now, we've already reached the decisive part of this hand and it's your turn to finish Hero's line. The doesn't really change anything about the strength of our hand and the initiative is with the Big Blind.

One option would be to simply check/fold and give up this spot since we haven't hit our backdoor draw and our bottom pair got worse.

Of course, check/raising would signal a lot of strength and balance our check/raising range with monsters in this spot. If the opponent checks back, we wouldn't really mind getting to the river for free.

If we chose a check/call instead, we would have to prepare some sort of plan for the river. Since we will almost never hit a two-pair or trips, we would only be able to bag the pot with a bluff and definitely would have to play check/raise on the last street.

Time to make a decision

NL10k High Stakes Analyse

Last high stakes review's result

Auslösung Pokerhand

In our last high stakes review you had four options to choose from and the majority of the people who voted decided to check/call with .

Apparently, that hand was too easy for most of you since more than 50% in fact chose the correct answer. No worries, though, we will keep things more difficult from now on!

It's worth mentioning that a check/raise would have been a viable option as well, even if only for balancing reasons on the higher limits.

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Comments (3)

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  • VorpalF2F


    "Never go broke in an unraised pot" -- I can't remember who said that.
    Put me in the check/fold camp
    Also, from the article: "The latter tends to only have a narrow checking range in such a spot that mostly consists of weak hands since any stronger hands would certainly be raised. "
    Yeah, well if I was fairly certain that SB held that philosophy, a whole pile of decent hands would move into the "Check back" column
  • GingerKid


    T is a blank, it might improve some JQ to OESD but that is low frequency combo in his range. So i think that Turn might be the best to check call once more, we likely win often enough on river when he checks considering that he is agro enough. River is an excellent bluff check raise candidate due to great blocker effect, but for the same reason could be even a call on the river since it nicely blocks his value range (unless he merges a lot by raising weak Kx).
  • GingerKid


    One nice option is also donk shove River on non flush cards. With such blocker you can do anything vs solid regular.