TaF Pro Paradox2: "I Could Buy an Apartment With My TaF Money"

Paradox2 won a ticket to London in our PokerStrategy.com TV World Championship $10,000 depositor freeroll and revealed in his interview that his actual poker income was coming from PokerStrategy.com's popular Tell-A-Friend programme. We sat down with him to talk about it.


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Paradox2 is a member of the Russian community and has already been around PokerStrategy.com for several years.

Not only did he learn a lot about poker there, he also realized the business potential of PokerStrategy.com's Tell-a-Friend programme. Nowadays he considers himself to be a "Tell-a-Friend professional", paying his bills through TaF income.

We heard about him for the first time when we did an interview with him regarding the PokerStrategy.com TV World Championship.

He was one of the lucky five community members to win a seat for the live tournament held in London and in this interview he told us about his passion for Tell-a-Friend. A second interview about his referring methods seemed mandatory, so here it goes...

"If there is no money in the house - make some money with your mouse"

PokerStrategy.com: How did you come up with the idea to take referring more serious?

Paradox2: I got into the idea of doing business on the Internet when I was 16 years old or around the year 2000 - as soon as I got online. A couple of years before, when I didn't even had a computer, I accidentally came across a newspaper article with a funny name: "If there is no money in the house – make some money with your mouse". And since then it has become my obsession.

After connecting to the Internet, I quickly went through all the stages of "moneymaking": paid emails, clicks for $0.00001, and other nonsense. Then there was a period of freelancing while I had been remotely making money writing articles for technical journals. Then I created my first site, it was a bit crappy, but I had my copyright and I had been selling my own e-book, which brought me first serious online income.

4 years ago I happened to run into poker, I met PokerStrategy.com and started working by TAF. My extensive experience at that time allowed me to quickly see how much one can earn here.

My new site was released in July 2007, and at that time it was one of the first sites on the Russian internet about no-deposit bonuses.

"Now I can disappear for a week or two and it won't affect my income"

PokerStrategy.com: How much time do you invest in this on average per week?

Paradox2: In fact, not much, probably 1-2 hours a day, half of the time it takes to view graphs of attendance and registration of new players over the past day.

If I want to update any page to add news and promotions, to write something for an e-mail mailing list, or add an entirely new review, then I'm going to need a little more time - about 5-6 hours.

To attract new users, I only use the site and now it is very well set up as an automated "machine" to make money. But at the very beginning I had to spend much time and effort gaining expertise in advertising, copywriting, marketing and SEO to achieve this automation.

Now I can quietly disappear for a week or two and it will not affect my income.

"If you do something - do it better than others."

PokerStrategy.com: Is there any advice would you give PokerStrategy.com members looking to make more money through TaF?

Paradox2: Push yourself to the maximum limit. If you do something - do it better than others.

Unfortunately there is a lot of dirt and spam on the internet. Newbies just read through such articles and then go to the first available site, steal all the content and spread it via a free hosting, replacing only the referral links.

Guys, this will never work. Sometimes it is helpful to learn from the successful experience of others, but to learn is not to steal. Yes, you can earn $10 - $30 - $50, but with this approach, you will never earn thousands.

If you want some solid income, for this you need to get serious about business. Here is the list of minimum requirements for a successful start:

1) Use only paid 2nd level domains, such as .ru, .com or .net. Just pay for professional hosting service and make some pleasant design – here you can hire freelancers.

2) Use only your own words. You can write all the articles yourself or order them from freelancers. Without this point any of your attempts at SEO will be useless.

3) Your website needs professional internal and external SEO-optimization. This is what makes it automated. Without quality traffic your website will be useless.

"Five minutes of consultation can turn into $100 of profit"

The second key to success is working with clients. It is very important. Five minutes spent on consulting a beginner may eventually turn around to be a profit of $100 for you.

Many opportunities are just overlooked. Newbies believe they can simply slip the link, and then let visitors understand everything on their own. This is a mistake.

Not all users are technically savvy. Some of them do not even know how to use e-mail. Help and advise them, guide them. This is a win-win. Your visitors will receive their bonuses, and you will reap your rewards.

On my site there are contacts in the form of e-mail and ICQ. Visitors can always ask questions and ask for advice in any given situation.

PokerStrategy.com: Which was the most effective advertising method for you?

Paradox2: Like I said, I attract new customers only through my website. My site works as a buffer that receives traffic, "digests" it and then later sends people to PokerStrategy.com. So I can tell you what techniques I use to attract quality traffic to my site.

The first site is very well optimized for search engines and two thirds of visitors come from there. I optimize my site on my own, because I have a solid knowledge base in the field of SEO.

For example, I managed to break into the Top 10 of the search engine Yandex (leading Russian search engine)  and stayed there for a long time, holding my position in highly competitive environment with key words "online poker" surrounded by such monster sites as PokerStars, FullTilt, PartyPoker and other affiliates, whose budget for SEO-promotion is at least a couple of zeros ahead. This is what anyone can be proud of.

The remaining 1/3 comes from direct approach when users follow the links. After its opening, the site has done much in terms of marketing and promotion. We used a variety of techniques, including viral - marketing through articles and books. It still works and gives free targeted visitors.

The site has such feature as private e-mail consulting, which lays the foundation for the poker newbies. My mails provide initial training for beginners while promoting PokerStrategy.com’s educational resources. So they register knowing the basics and what poker is all about. It also allows them to successfully pass the quiz.

In addition, there is my special review and illustrated guide describing the stages of registration and receiving a bonus. There are many specific tips on all possible situations and problems. This is very helpful for beginners.

And I have a poker newsletter, which now has more than 12,000 subscribers. I try to select the most interesting promotions and give all the relevant info. It also encourages my subscribers to open accounts and make deposits.

All this together gives the most efficient and highest conversion per cent of visitors to the players, to which I aspire.

"I invest in stocks and new projects"

PokerStrategy.com: Did you ever buy yourself anything a bit more special with all the money you have made through TaF?

Paradox2: First, my poker projects give me all I need - freedom. I have a technical diploma, but I haven’t worked a day in an office. I make my own schedule and set my own goals. This is the fate of any freelancer, all the pros and cons of it you can find in many articles.

Second, it gives me financial independence. I fully cover my expenses and needs. This allows me to attend great ski and snowboarding resorts in winter once or twice a year, which is my passion. And, of course, I can always find some time to relax on a beach in summer.

As for shopping, earnings from TAF would be quite enough to buy an apartment in my city, but for now I prefer to invest in stocks and my new projects.

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