The 9 biggest reasons to play poker

Whether you're looking for a hobby or a profession, there's plenty of reasons to give poker a try.

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Zero barriers to entry

breaking barriers

To get started in poker all you need is your curiosity peaked and a place to play. Plus, if you're not into sunglasses and staring contests, there's this new thing called the internet...

Skills for life

Road to success

Emotional control, financial discipline, risk assessment, analysing weaknesses, making the most of bad situations, dealing with failure, working towards long-term goals...the list goes on.

Learning is free

free learning

As the game has developed as an internet phenomenon over time, basic and advanced strategy has become increasingly available online. Of course this can only take you so far, you need to put in the volume and hard work yourself, but a solid educational platform to build upon and a healthy learning environment in which to do so isn't a bad free starter pack.

The social aspects

poker with friends

Whether you live and breathe the game online or enjoy a casual home game once a month with buddies from work, poker is a universal language that brings people together all over the planet.

The sky's the limit

Sky's the limit

Where most jobs or hobbies have their limits in terms of how much you can earn, in poker just one good day could be your ticket to an early retirement.

You can be your own boss

Like a boss

Answer to no one but yourself, mathematical variance, and the green line on your graph.

Flexible hours

Just snoozin'

What's better than being woken up by your body clock at 7 AM, but then realising it's Saturday and you don't have to get up for work...? Enjoying that feeling of freedom when you wake up every single day!

You can take the game anywhere

As long as you have a laptop, an internet connection, and aren't situated in the land of hope and opportunity (America, of course) anywhere on Earth could be your office.

You can play with the best

JCarver turkey burger

Unlike most competitive arenas where the closest you'll likely ever get to the legends is social media, in poker you can test your skills against the game's best and brightest on a daily basis.

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Comments (6)

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  • churchilland


    am I in Buzfeed ?
  • DarkoK3


    Ok, but each and every one of those facts have a bad side too, dont forget that.
  • tonypmm


    Yeah, I'd rather say that poker is an antisocial game, at least when you play it professionally - most people (especially bankers) don't believe that it's a legit job, and you might end up in relative solitude (talking only to fellow grinders).
  • tonypmm


    I meant online poker, of course, where people chat seldom and a big part of them don't even have enough time to chat as they have to many tables up.
  • IvicaIliev77


    Excellent write, some things to add:
    - Zero barriers to enter = You need some sort of bankroll to play even minimum stakes. You can play free money games but it is not same level of play as real money ones.
    - Skills for life = agree
    - Learning is free = Yes and no. Like with any area in life, you can find free material but most people need somebody to show them the way and coaching ain't free.
    - The social aspect = Yes
    - The Sky is the Limit = No limit exactly
    - You can be your own boss = Absolutely true and one of the huge advantages vs other types of jobs.
    - Flexible hours = True but only to some extent. Higher you move up, the more you need to adjust to very specific times in order to play your most profitable games, in that sense hours are not as flexible but set really.
    - You can take the game anywhere =True somewhat but definitely huge advantage.
    - You can play with the best - YES!

    Great article. Final thing to add is people who see negative things in this don't really have in their life mission and vision to become professional poker players but they rather want to do little and get a lot in poker and that only works with MTTs or Spins if somebody binks.
  • martyb83


    I wish I could play poker for a living maybe one day would be fantastic