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With the latest update our poker software now supports William Hill and the cash game hands in PokerStars Home Games. Also, as of now you no longer need a license key for your Elephant! Elephant
Elephant Elephant:
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The Elephant has undergone a few changes to help even more PokerStrategists track their poker hands and analyse their game play. What's more it's free of charge and you don't need any StrategyPoints to get it!

The changes at a glance

Short and sweet – the main changes in the latest update:
  • Supports William Hill (cash games & SnGs)
  • Supports PokerStars Home Games (cash games, SnGs to follow in the next release)
  • Changes to licensing (no longer requires a minimum number of StrategyPoints)

Download the latest version of the Elephant

New licensing - no minimum number of StrategyPoints needed

The HUD at WH for beginners
The HUD at WH for advanced players
The latest version of the Elephant no longer requires a license key. As of now you can now download our poker software for free and use all the benefits. So it's now easier to start using, even for beginners.

In order to use the program long-term, simply update your Elephant every six months. If you don't update your software every six months it will stop operating.

But don't worry, as soon as you've updated your Elephant it will be ready to use again, fully functional and free for the next six months.

William Hill and PokerStars Home Games support

Good news for PokerStrategists wanting to play in our partner room William Hill. The Elephant can now import all your cash game and Sit 'n' Go hands.

Cash game hands from the popular PokerStars Home Games are also supported. Home Games are a new feature at PokerStars. You can open a private table and play against your friends and acquaintances. The Elephant with its popular statistics will show just how good you really are against your friends, live and directly on the table!

How can the Elephant help me to improve my game?

The Elephant is a free analysis tool with extensive statisitcal functions and a live display (HUD) with important key figures about your opponents, directly at the table.

The Elephant supports you in making decisions at the table. Does an opponent raise regularly? Do they fold on continuation bets? Do they stay for the showdown in a hand?  The Elephant shows you the latest statistics for all these questions and more. So you're always in the loop and can act on the information.

With the Elephant you can also see your own played hands and easily export them to our hand evaluation forums, to get tips and suggestions on how you can improve. Of course, you can also up your game by looking at the statistics gathered about you.

Coming soon

In the coming phases, we'll also be implementing Sit 'n' Go hands for your PokerStars Home Games. Our development team is also working on more updates, which you can also read all about in the Elephant Blog.

Download the latest version of the Elephant now!

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Comments (11)

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  • martisPS


    wow thats realy good news!! thank you pokerstrategy!!
  • jebozid


    I want to hug you PokerStrategy!
  • OnkelHotte


    Making you happy is the hug we want :-)
  • figeljfigelj


    And 888poker isn`t supported ;(
  • TheOldNerd


    When you're on a downswing...
    Today i've reached the 1000 Strategy Points mark, which would let me have access to the Elephant licence. And... Now it's free for all!

    Lucky me!
  • ejietdirst00


    How long it will be for free. Always????
  • NickRiviera


    Current plans do not include another change in the licensing.
  • tiltpokernow


    so i guess i busted my butt for the old one for nothing. lol
  • adasko99


    Does it support Full Tilt Poker Sit&Gos ?
  • PS.Markus


    @adasko99: Yes, FTP SnGs are supported.
  • AKM247


    It's fantastic that it's free now, but I remeber when I reached 1,000 Strategy Points I felt like I really earned it! In either event, another great resource offered guys, danke! :)