The biggest SpinLegends winners in May

Find out the members who crushed last month at stakes from $7 all the way to $100.

A lot of people took an interest in our Biggest SpinLegends Winners So Far so we have decided to keep you updated once a month on our biggest winners. 

We believe it's all about playing your best, not taking down a lucky big multiplier, which is why we are ranking our players on their ChipEV and EV. That's also why we offer our players EV Insurance

This is how our players shaped up in May:

spinlegends winners

spinlegends winners spinlegends winners spinlegends winners spinlegends winners

Congratulations to all our players so far, you deserve it for all the work you have put in.

Thinking about getting staked?

If you want to learn more about Spin & Go’s and how to get free staking, coaching and even EV Insurance from some of the biggest experts in the game, visit SpinLegends today.

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Comments (7)

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  • n0_st0ry


    Please change my flag to Germany :)
  • Marta


    Hi, the flags represent the SpinLegends communities, not countries. You (being German) belong to the English community and therefore you're being represented with a British flag.

    We understand that this is not ideal but due to the amount of players from so many different countries, we decided to take the approach of "teams" rather than specific countries.

    Hope you understand!

    PS: well done to Germany in the last World Cup game :)
  • n0_st0ry


    I see. Thanks for explaining!
  • colo81


    top 60s ?
  • colo81


    please, the result of $60 !!!!

  • imgoingtomirage


    Hi colo81, there are no results from $60s available for past month, look for the next news which will be released mid July :)
  • colo81


    ahh ok :(