The top 5 reasons why you are not learning fast enough

Want to learn how to get better at learning? Plug the five biggest study leaks so you can improve at an accelerated rate.


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MTT expert and mindset coach LuckyLukePS is back with a new video that will serve you well if you want to improve in 2018, and beyond. 

We often talk about the biggest leaks at the poker table, but what about the leaks we all have when it comes to studying off the table?

Our coach details the five biggest learning errors he has seen in his students when they go into the lab, they are:

  1. Assuming too much
  2. Being undisciplined
  3. Developing unevenly
  4. Ignoring the Play-to-Study link
  5. Not studying ourselves

Our coach goes into detail how to plug these leaks and these lessons are just as valuable whether you play cash games, MTTs, SNGs, Spins, PLO or anything else.

If you find your work away from the table hard, this is the video for you.

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