To call or to fold, that is the question.

This week's hand of the week poll comes to us courtesy of our friends at SpinLegends - how would you have played it?

This week’s hand was played in a Spin & Go for a $15 buy-in. Very early on, we’re heads-up with blinds at 10/20.

Hero is holding and preflop before the flop delivers , & to which hero checks before following villain with a call to his bet. The turn gives hero the he was hoping for and proceeds to bet which is instantly called. Moving on to the river, a shows up and hero merely checks but villain goes all-in but what about hero?

Hand History

Hero has a straight but what is villain holding? We can rule out his pocket pair being an ace with a ten as surely villain would have raised preflop. And yet, all of T7, T8, T9, T6 would beat us should we call.

With the , flush draws have been missed but there are also some broadway combos that can be made up with a 10, such as JT, QT or KT. Some of them might have been raised preflop as well but the direct all-in only really makes sense for QT as it beats all the Tens. Should we be wary or do we have enough?

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Last week's Results

Remember last week when we ran you through a hand played at NL5K? Well, we received 908 votes where the call option was the clear winner.

In Spain, 85% of those polls opted to call, our highest community to do so. Our lowest call vote, while still the winner, was in Italy where 62% chose that option.

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