Tune in to grummeler's Coaching Tonight and Win 2x $215 Tickets to Pokerfest

grummeler is holding his MTT coaching session tonight from 17:00 GMT and you can win one of the two $215 tickets to PartyPoker's Pokerfest Event #1. Our coach will randomly pick two lucky listeners who also opted in our dedicated thread.

We're giving away two tickets to Pokerfest Event #1 worth $215 each in grummeler's coaching tonight! You can be one of the lucky winners, so make sure you don't miss this opportunity!

How can I win a ticket?

Special MTT Coaching
Tune in to grummeler's special coaching and win a $215 Pokerfest ticket!

Opt in now!
  1. Go to our dedicated thread and opt in.
  2. Take part in grummeler's special coaching session tonight at 17:00 GMT.
  3. During the coaching session, grummeler will randomly select two listeners who also opted in our forum thread.

The two winners will be contacted by our Customer Support team. Once they receive the tickets, they will be able to use them to take part in Event #1 of the Pokerfest, which has a guaranteed prize pool of $300,000.

Event #1 details

Date & time: October 23, 17:30 GMT
Buy-in: $215 or ticket
Guaranteed prize pool: $300,000
Game type: No Limit Hold'em

Where can I find the tournament? Open your PartyPoker lobby and go to Tournaments -> Events.

For more information on the PartyPoker Pokerfest, visit our overview thread:

Pokerfest overview thread

Good luck to all participants!

Tell us your PartyPoker story and win another $215 ticket to Pokerfest

If won't be able to join our special coaching, there is another way you can win a $215 ticket to Event #1. All you have to do is to share with us a PartyPoker related story.

The story can be about anything, just as long as it's PartyPoker related - a great tournament run, a sick hand, an exhausting bonus to clear, a tilt session, etc.

Find out more about this promotion by clicking below:

Tell us your PartyPoker story and win a $215 ticket to Pokerfest


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Comments (12)

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  • Mopenza


    will definitely participate!
  • Holman123


    The funny thing is they said same thing yesterday, and no tickets were given...
  • SvenBe


    he Holman, the tickets were clearly supposed to be given today - grummeler might only have announced it yesterday. Maybe that was a misunderstanding?
  • aloo7


    only for English community members?
  • grummeler


    i just announced it for today ;)
  • aloo7


    are two tickets only for English community members?
  • SvenBe


    the tickets are for all users present in the coaching - the actual raffle will take place at a random time during the coaching -everyone who is there can win if signed up.
  • Holman123


    No grummeler didnt do anything wrong =P

    But the news got out yesterday, so people were "Im in" then, and were listening, and so on.
  • Holman123


    If you check the thread, and read the first page, then you will understand what I mean xD

    It's was a great coaching (as I said in feedback-thread).

    But the news got out yesterday (atleast on swedish) thats why there is many swedes on the first page, haha. The news on swedish said it were yesterday's coachnings.

    So its not a missunderstanding during the coachning.. It some missunderstanding by the guys who announced the "news"

    I couldn't found the news again after the coachning (on swedish), but today it came back. :P
  • SvenBe


    ah Holman123, so our swedish colleagues mistakingly may have released the news yesterday for a short while - that was the missunderstanding - sorry for the confusion, let's hope Lady Luck is with you.
  • 013paul


    Congrats to the winners and good luck!
  • bigdwong