Want to know where you're going wrong in the early/mid stages of a tournament?

Silver+ members get to join Rodgethat as he reviews the first part of HollyMichelle's runner up finish in MicroMillions Event 36.

Game type: No Limit
Producers: AdminRodgethat
Status: SilverSilver+
Length: 43 minutes

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Do you make too many rash decisions early on in tournaments? Want to know what it takes to beat huge micro stakes fields? What do you do faced with potential coin flips for your tournament life?

In his latest video, AdminRodgethat reviews the first part of community member AdminHollyMichelle's second place finish in the recent MicroMillions series that netted him a cool $5,232 for an outlay of just $11.

Sometimes watching a tournament success can inspire one of your own. Why not jump in the SCOOP main event while your watching?

What would you do here with pocket tens?

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