Watch Alvaro "spin4play" Romero answer your questions tonight

Tonight Collin Moshman asks the SpinLegends founder your questions on Spins, strategy, his prop bet and more.

Alvaro 'spin4play' Romero
Alvaro "spin4play" Romero

As part of our partnership with Spin & Go staking site SpinLegends we have another exclusive opportunity for our readers to ask their founder anything.

As you can see from our interview earlier this month, Alvaro "spin4play" Romero is one of the best Spin & Go players in the world as well as a prop bet legend.

On February 22 at 21:00 CET he will be live on our Twitch channel with host CollinMoshman. Alvaro will be playing some live Spin & Go's and talking strategy with Collin, as well as answering your questions.

If you missed our AMA with SpinLegend's Head Coach 'coffeeyay', you can watch the recording of it right here.

AMA with Alvaro "spin4play" Romero

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