Watch a SpinLegends member play a $300k Spin & Go

Our biggest multiplier so far saw our 'Songoki' playing for a $300,000 prize pool from a $30 Spin in just his first 100 games at the stake.


At SpinLegends we show you how to be profitable in Spin & Go's regardless of whether you get a big multiplier, but the dream is always to play in one of those big prize pool games and that is just what our Spanish member Songoki (Pokerstars name 'handebraken') did.

Songoki was already a successful mid to high stakes MTT specialist who already had almost $300,000 in MTT winnings. After seeing the success of SpinLegends and the potential profitability of the format he joined the team. 

spinlegends MTT graph
Songoki's lifetime MTT graph before joining SpinLegends

In less than three weeks we had moved him up from $15 Spins to $30 Spins because he showed plenty of potential as part of our Diamond team. In less than 100 games since moving up to $30 Spins he was playing in a $300,000 game. This was our biggest multiplier game so far for a member (still waiting on that $1 million Spin) and it came after just one month of him joining. 

Sadly he didn't win this time, but because it was a big multiplier game he still managed to take down a $30,000 consolation prize. 

Álvaro 'Spin4Play' Romero interviewed Songoki and the two reviewed his play in the $300,000 Spin & Go. In the free video below the two discuss:

  • How to adjust to recreational players
  • What it felt like to play in a $300,000 Spin & Go
  • How winning a big score affects your motivation
  • How to get a lot of volume in
  • What it's been like at SpinLegends so far
spin & Go poker video
Click to watch the video

In case you missed it, it was also a big week for SpinLegends as last year's November Niner Fernando Pons joined the team. 

If you are interested in excelling in the best new online poker format as well as getting the bankroll to do it, submit an application to SpinLegends today.

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  • antegamisu4


    i lost a 1000x multiplier and felt very bittersweet, since i might not get such a multiplier again. I cant imagine how it is for 300k on the line!
  • FaXyeN


    Nice to know some stuff i didnt know about some hands. :D