What future does the River hold for us?

We received a terrible card to our good hand, and the pot is pretty big. What should we do now?

This time we have a somewhat controversial hand from NL50. That is, controversial in terms of Preflop action. Our Hero decides not to attack a steal raise from a known regular, with 64% RFI from the Button, and protect his Small Blind passively instead. Maybe he had his reasons, but let's just confirm that a re-steal would be better (considering that Villain's neither a maniac nor a calling station) and get this out of the way. We have much more to discuss, so let's have a look:

Hand of the week

The Flop looks favourable, as we'll be ahead most of the time. Hero reasonably decides to check/call. Check/raise is also an option but in this case we may isolate ourselves against Villain's top hands and strong draws. For now, it's better to keep his whole range in play.

Now the Turn card gives us two-pair, so we can try to extract some more value by check/raising. Our holding improves but we still need to protect it from draws. In this regard, a bigger raise would be preferable to worsen the oppo's pot odds. But we're still good, and he calls our raise.

We finally get to the River, and it brings us a card we don't want to see. There are a few possible ways to play this hand, but we'll keep only three of them for our poll. Let's leave obviously marginal play styles behind and let's prepare for some serious action.

button gif

Now it's time for you to decide Hero's future. We know that our opponent's aggression frequency is significantly lower on the River, compared to his Flop stats. Does check/folding seem reasonable enough to you? On the other hand, we don't have to believe everything right away. We could also try to get some thin value from his weaker holdings by betting a smaller amount. What do you suggest?

Last week’s poll's result

Last time we tried to mislead you but you dodged that bullet and decided to call by majority of votes, starting from 67% in Italy to 86% in Hungary. No matrix can hold you! But we did succeed in getting more than a thousand votes overall. 1,011 at the time of writing, to be exact.

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