When should you stop during a spin-up?

In the Community Weekly Round-Up Barry Carter wonders whether he should cash out or keep spinning after a lucky run.

//d3ltpfxjzvda6e.cloudfront.net/2014/05/12/kohcast3Shotmower.jpgLast week I found $0.30 in an old poker account and decided to go for a joyride with it while watching a movie (American Hustle - thought it was pretty overrated). By the time Sunday had come around, I had spun it up to just under $200 using a very cavalier bankroll management system. 

Obviously I ran very well to manage that.  

At what point does a spin-up become your bankroll? 

I'm pretty risk averse anyway, but last year I bought a house and that has turned me into an uber nit. That $200 is starting to look like a lawnmower I plan to buy this year (I presume most of our under-25 audience has thrown their laptop out the window in disgust at this point). 

But at the same time, $200 is not going to change much in my life, and part of me thinks I should aim higher for my $0.30 investment (I presume those under-25-year-olds that didn't throw their laptop out the window are now wondering why I didn't register for the Sunday Million already). 

I'll throw it open to the PokerStrategy.com community to share their views on what my $0.30 spin-up end strategy should be. Let me know what you would do in the comments box, or feel free to just call me a boring old nit. 

Thread of the week

//d3ltpfxjzvda6e.cloudfront.net/2014/05/12/poker-hud.jpgWe had an interesting strategy video on this topic recently, and now ikkvr has asked the question - is a HUD necessary?

It sparked a very interesting discussion from a large cross section of the community, even going into a Game Theory Optimal debate. 

I know from personal experience that I have previously become quite reliant on HUDs, and sometimes have felt I actually played better when I have chosen not to bother.

A lot of the people in the thread have shared their views after having played a lot of hands on smartphones and tablets, which obviously don't have HUDs (yet).

Join the discussion and let us know your thoughts.  

LOL of the week

Meet our new tilt busting hero, Maxippouce

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//d3ltpfxjzvda6e.cloudfront.net/2014/02/22/71514_443563348174_1472734_n.jpgBarry Carter is the editor of PokerStrategy.com and the co-author of The Mental Game of Poker 1 & 2. He has been working in the poker industry for nine years and in 2013 won the APAT Award for Best Poker Media Provider. You can learn more about his work here

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Comments (11)

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  • MJPerry


    Aim higher imo. If you go broke you've only kinda-sorta-lost $0.30.
  • redrawstump


    Bank half, gamble the other half. Repeat until fail.
    You're gonna be paying someone else to mow you lawn by the end. Probably.
  • jmackenzie


    with a spin up you need to at least brush noses with high stakes. For you esp you need to play people that you have reported on I would recommend sitting randy lew at 3/6 hu and playing him till 1k or bust. gl!
  • junfandan


    I think there's a tournament called the Big 1 for One Drop at the WSOP this year - maybe you could aim for that?
  • tonypmm


    Cash out after spinning it up to 1-1.5 BI for the highest of your grinded limits. Aim to put the entire balance at a single fast-fold table (or as many tables as you're not bored by) to save time.
  • tonypmm


    Oh, and don't move down limits after remaining with a <40 bb stack like I did last time - continue according to the short stack strategy - you'll lose a bit of EV but gain some free time that's worth more.
  • Ramble


    You could try to turn it into $10,000 like the much loved Chris Ferguson... ;)

    I think #2 had the best idea - $75 down on a lawnmower, $25 on a case of beer for after the lawn is mowed, and a $100 to freeroll like it's 1999!
  • gadget51


    I'd like to call you a boring old nit, but kettles and pots and all that... :)

    Calling it a bankroll is obviously relative to your own personal circumstances. 2K (say) may be peanuts to some and a life-or game -changing amount to others.
  • RaucheCh1987


    #8 this


    Put it all on red ldo!
  • MJPerry


    No reply from Barry, obv busto