Why you shouldn't 'hero fold' against recreational players

Learn the subtle art of identifying recreational players then keeping them all to yourself in this new series.

PokerStrategy.com coach W34z3l

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Our theory expert w34z3l is back with a new series which should improve your bottom line by a huge amount. 

Believe it or not, some players struggle to extract the maximum from recreational players. They just assume by being at the same table as them they will win money, but you need a gameplan like against anyone else.

In the new Fish Fryer series over the next five videos our coach covers:

The final part of the series explores the Volatility Principle which states that recreational players are going to be showing up with much wider ranges, therefore you should be hero folding much less and thin value betting much more against these players.  

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  • imgoingtomirage


    Join w34z3l tonight at 19:30 CEST on Twitch for some live action: https://www.twitch.tv/pokerstrategydotcom/
  • vargatomi420


    its very good
  • Arnalsan


    just for gold status;;;;; :(
  • Lazza61


    @4 As is always the case, attending the live coachings is an advantage as there is no status required.
  • nickolay2205


    Actually was very helpful, I will watch other videos of this trainer. Recommend!!!!
  • imgoingtomirage


    Last part of the series is now live :) w34z3l will be also hosting a cash game session today at 19:30 CEST on our Twitch!