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December 14, 20:30 CET

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It's the last PLO Primetime live stream of before Christmas from Kyyberi so he is going to have some fun.

Tonight he heads to the micro stakes PLO tables at Natural8, which in itself will be interesting to see how the games play on these smaller, newer sites. 

In addition to this, he is also giving away some random and crazy prizes for PLO fans during the stream, including:

  • A Lucky Dollar raffle where, every time our coach wins a 150BB pot, he will ship a Lucky Dollar randomly to somebody watching the stream. This is open to anybody watching live on Twitch
  • Two +1 Status Upgrades
  • Free personal coaching with the man himself

To learn more and to give feedback on the webinar, visit Kyyberi's coaching thread.

Finally, to make sure you never miss a free webinar, subscribe to our channel on Twitch today. 

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Comments (6)

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  • Kyyberi


    Happy Holidays!
  • SeagalSteven


    Games must be really good if you're planning to win multiple 1500 BB pots :)
  • imgoingtomirage


    Hehe, 150BB of course, fixed!
  • Kyyberi


    Games were good. Check the video later to see how nuts are folded on the flop 100bb deep.
  • SeagalSteven


    I'll di that :)
  • JimmkCZ


    wow, Free personal coaching with the man himself and a Lucky Dollar raffle