Would you call this bet?

It's another hand of the week vote, this time taken from a Spin & Go table and once again we want to know what you would do here.

It’s a return to SpinLegends this week, as we take a look at another hand for you to tell us what you would do. As one of only two players left in this hand preflop, hero, holding , calls on oppo initially before watching a  drop on the flop. Again hero calls the bet his opponent makes.

Moving on to the turn, shows and again, having originally checked, hero clearly wants in as he calls the bet his challenger makes before the river hits the players with at which point the pattern continues as hero checks only to watch as oppo’s bet take him all-in.

So then, what’s next? Are you going to follow or get the hell out of there?

Hand history With such a dry board, why would oppo actually overbet that way? Does he represent an ace there? What if he doesn’t have an ace, is there any better hand he would bet that way?

Well, what would you do?

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Last Week’s Vote

Last week we gave you another staight forward call or fold decision to make. Overall, fold won but it was a very close call in: the country that favoured fold the most was France.

Poll results

And by the way... we got another record of total votes! Thank you and now...

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Comments (4)

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  • nsavov


    1. This is barely an overbet. Our stack OTR is 455 and the pot is 450.
    2. Fold turn.
  • antegamisu4


    I think there is some mistake with the graphics, in the one the river is a queen and in the other its a king. Also the suit of the turn is different. As far as the hand is concerned, it could very well be a bluff but imo we would need some info on the player, or making such calls all the time would be a disaster.
  • Davidbzr


    First, please start all of your charts at the 0 axis... The chart 📊 with the results from last week is incredibly misleading to the point it would be unethical if it was showing something important, it makes you think the difference between fold and call is obvious when it's not. Always start charts at 0 axis.

    Second, this is more a question of equity than nothing else I guess, do we have enough equity to call here? Since it's a pot size we need roughly 33% to call. Now, he's not value beting worst, I'ld let someone else answer if he could have air, he could have an ace... Etc with having to win at least 33% for it to be a profitable call I would say call... Especially since his sizing when the ace comes is unusual, I don't think people would mix up that with value here
  • R0bot


    Villain takes a strong line here, and almost always has AK, AQ, A7, A2, A9. The c-bet is standart to most players, although the board doesn't fit into his hitting range too much. Villains hits just 30% if the times and has less pockets in his range than Ax, Kx etc. But often villains also cbet with Ax on this board texture simply because this board doesn't connect too well with a bb oop calling range. Now once the A hits on the turn, the bet sizing is important. Villain bets big here! This is the indicator for an Ax as there are possible flushes. Once we call and villain jams the river this js almost never a bluff. There might be some crazy 82o super maniac buffers there but this looks like villain wants to get max value from a lower Ax or lower 2pair. The history with the opponemt is important. I am pretty sure he has Ak, AQ here. Sets might check the flop. T8h or 86h could be possibly in the bluffing range if villain is super aggro and wants to force a fold. I'd already fold on the turn as the r card almost always sucks for us and we face a jam too often.