Would you fold QQ preflop here?

It's another hand of the week vote and once again we want to know what you would do here.

This week’s hand comes from Hungarian community member bogec84 who, in his NLHE PokerStars game was gifted & preflop and instantly raises. The move sees two players fold and two more, CO and SB, raise on each other. Does Hero stay in the fight?

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Given SB’s range, could be this a hero fold? Might it be better to call in order to keep CO in the loop and increase our equity? But what if SB, who is a regular, knows his image at the table and understands that CO is a fish so decided to 4-bet light? Would we have a good equity against his range in that case?

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What’s your move?

Last week’s Results

Over 80% of our users thought that the hand had to be folded and the SpinLegends team explained the following; Preflop is ok defending J7o. The flop is just a little drawy because there are some gutshots and OESD: it's a flop that oppo can 3-barrel easily because, with a top pair (for example K9), we'll check-raise often instead of calling and A9 isn't very likely in our range (while we are 3bet A9).

The river gives him another overcard without closing any project, which makes it even easier on the 3rd barrel. The question is; why oppo overbets? He could do it with monster hands (all the trips and top two pairs) but given the type of bet, he would be targeting our lower two pairs, a very reduced amount of combos given that the best ones are out of our range.

The most profitable size for him, if he has a strong hand, would be a mid-small sized bet. That's why when he chooses a big bet we can put him often on a 3-barrel bluff making us fold almost all the pairs that he would have valuebet with a top pair or better.

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Comments (8)

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  • nsavov


    We are up against a cold 4bettor and the guy that 3bet our UTG open is left to act behind us. And the CO's "crazy" stats are over just 62 hands.
    We are also 120bb deep. Not deep enough to flat IP, but deep enough to dislike our 3rd pair when we decide to stack off.
  • scopinad


    Equity Win Tie
    MP2 53.46% 52.15% 1.31% { QQ }
    SB 46.54% 45.22% 1.31% { TT+, AQs+, KQs, AKo }

    Hero has enough equity to shove profitably here, I would definitely call.
    Folding is out of the question.
  • martinstids


    6max is one booring format if you have to even think about folding QQ pre. come play spins guys and stop do booring stuff ;)
  • feye7


    NLHE is dead if we start folding QQ préflop for circa 120 bb deep.
  • HennieP


    Power Equilab says it's EV+ to play QQ against almost any hand in this spot except AA/KK so I vote shove. There are only 2 hands that could beat you pre-flop and the odds of both the CO and SB having AA/KK is very slim. Not impossible but slim enough to not worry about it. So pushing here will probably make the CO fold. So at worst we're slightly behind which is not the end of the world. Given the ranges for the CO/SB it's unlikely that you're behind. Not impossible but highly improbable.
  • nsavov


    #2 Yeah, sure, ofcourse TT and JJ are going to cold 4bet and stack off against an UTG open and a 3bet, why the heck not?

    #3 and #4
    Apparently NLH isnt dead if you guys are in the game so hero doesnt have to worry about it. I agree that 6max sux but you shouldnt stack off incorrectly just to make it more interesting.

    #5 Gosh, this is comment is so unbearable I wanna cry...
    First, you say QQ is ahead against almost everything except AA/KK. Well it IS ahead against EVERUTHING except those two.
    Second, we dont care if both of them have KK+. We care if at least one of them. And we are not at worst slightly behind. We are NEVER slightly behind. We are miles ahead against JJ which I argue wont 4bet-stackoff. We are slightly ahead against AK, we are miles behind AA/KK. We are NEVER slightly behind...
    Its highly improbable that you are going to make alot of money by pushing.
  • SDK1987


    I think it’s also good to know what kind of player the SB is, but with the fold equity we have and if the SB is aggressive enough I wouldn’t be surprised it could be +ev to stack of QQ in a 6-max game.
  • Rakovs


    I would call for sure, and hope that the luck will be on my side :D
    And it probably wont...