Would you go full throttle on NL5k?

We're starting another batch of high stakes hand reviews and again your expertise on the highest stakes of online poker is needed.

ante up

Today, we're once again going to take a close look at a hand that was played at NL5k, this time with an ante of $10. Two of the players involved, OhHeyCindy and LLinusLLove, should be known to us by now from our previous reviews. Despite the other two players having folded their hand preflop, a brief introduction is due since they very well could be involved in a future hand.

borntotilt is a regular that has been active on the highest limits for a long time. In terms of skill, he seems to be slightly ahead of other active high stakes regulars. It's interesting to note that he, nonetheless, isn't willing to dive into any reg battles and instead only willing to play recreationals. Such a player must have recently been sitting at the table we're focusing on today and borntotilt just seems to be blinding out now.

The reasoning behind borntotilt's game selection approach should be obvious. Of course, your winrate will be much bigger, and the variance much smaller, when you're avoiding any reg battles on these limits.

In that fashion, Stambolov can be compared to borntotilt. He hasn't been active at these limits for that long and doesn't play them that often, hence you can assume he's a bit weaker in terms of skill. Still, he is also avoiding any confrontation with other regulars.

Diving into the action

Action Squirrel
Here we go!

Now, let's start looking at the hand in question preflop. Standard would best describe the course of action here. Our Hero LLinusLLove decides to resteal in the Small Blind with against a probably very wide stealing range from the Button.

The hand is too strong to just call, especially since that would always involve the risk of a squeeze from the Big Blind and having to play the nines out of position without initiative in a 3-bet pot. Additionally, the antes also keep the pot bigger than usual, making it even more profitable to rake it in right away.

High Roller Analyse llinusllove
Hand history of today's high stakes action at NL5k

As usual, things get much more interesting on the flop, especially due to Hero's decision to fire a pot-sized bet with his mid pair. The antes are the main reason for this move. The much bigger pot at the start leads to players switching to an approach that's mainly just focused on two streets, flop and turn. The betsize on the flop is chosen in a way that enables you to directly go all-in on the turn with another pot-sized bet in case the turn card makes such a move reasonable.

However, LLinusLLove choosing this line as one of the best players on these stakes with is rather uncommon. There are lots of hands out there that are much better suited for it, for instance any 8x combos that at least discount some value combos in the opponent's range.

No help on the turn

bad news

The that hit on the turn doesn't help Hero at all and instead rather improves the range of the preflop caller. The question on how to continue in this spot is now up to you, though.

One possibility would be to keep on firing since we didn't just pick a large betsize on the flop for no reason. Additionally, an all-in bet on the turn with our current hand would allow us to balance our value range in such a spot.

But maybe just playing check/fold is the better choice here. As pointed out, the turn card is no help at all for us. Furthermore, OhHeyCindy is a regular who surely will have quite a wide calling range even against an all-in.

Since OhHeyCindy is not only known for loose calls but also for weird bluffs and other fancy moves, we could also think about a check/raise all-in or check/call all-in here, depending on whether our opponent bets and if so, how much?

Pedal to the metal or emergency break?

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