€70,000 to be won in Unibet's Summer Bootcamp

Keep your poker game sharp over the warmer months at Unibet, with their €70,000 Summer Bootcamp – a series of weekly prize leaderboards.


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Up until August 5 players at Unibet can now participate in a Summer Bootcamp with weekly leaderboards dishing out a total of €70,000.

To earn points and climb up the leaderboards, players need to earn special achievements in Hold'em or Omaha cash games, for instance by reaching the flop in two consecutive hands or being dealt 72.

Each leaderboard will run a whole week from Monday until the end of Sunday and two stakes are available: High (NL/PL200, NL/PL400) and Mid (NL/PL25, NL/PL50, NL/PL100) with weekly top prizes of €2,000 and €600 respectively.

Depending on the stakes played, earned achievements will be accounted for with a points multiplier ranging from 1 to 3. However, daily achievements in Hold'em cannot be completed in PLO the same day and vice versa.

unibet summer bootcamp
Achievement Points at Hold'em Points at Omaha
Reach the flop with at least 3 players 2 1
Reach the flop in 2 consecutive hands 2 1
Play a hand from the button and win or split the pot 3 3
Be dealt 72 in your starting hand 4 2
Be dealt a straight flush 1,000 300

Daily and weekly extra tasks

Additionally, there are daily and weekly tasks available to boost the personal points tally, no multiplier is applied to those though.

Achievement Repetition Points
Play at least 2 cash game tables simultaneously Daily 200
Win 3 pots in any PLO cash game Daily 200
Experience a losing day of €100 or more Daily 500
Reach at least 5 flops for 3 consecutive days Weekly 500
Reach at least 5 flops for 7 consecutive days Weekly 1,000

More info on the payouts of each leaderboard can be found in our forum.

Forum: €70,000 to be won in Unibet's Summer Bootcamp

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