Did you win a winter prize?

This December, our winter edition weekly raffle gives members the chance to win tourney tokens and stacks of TaF cash.

pokerstrategy winter promo 2015Christmas is coming and we're celebrating the forthcoming holiday season by increasing the prize pools of our weekly community raffles and work with our partners to bring you a host of sponsored poker room tokens to warm up your bankroll before Xmas.

Our friends at the online poker rooms listed below have all been kind enough to donate hundreds of tournament tickets while, just like always, PokerStrategists have the chance to walk away with a weekly $400, $250, $100, $50 and and a lot of $10s in TaF money.

For those planning on earning their tickets at Unibet, please note that this is final week to do so.

pokersnowie PokerSnowie ladbrokes Ladbrokes
888 888poker N8 Natural8
bet365 bet365 Red RedKings
betathome bet-at-home.com james Stan James
Coral Coral unibet Unibet

To be entered into the raffle to win a tournament ticket, you need to earn one StrategyPoint at a participating room the week of each raffle. You can win multiple tokens by playing and earning StrategyPoints in multiple partner rooms. The promotion is ongoing now and there’s more TAF money to grab so players should continue to register and play to be eligible for tokens next week again.

Sign up and play now to net a free money bonus along with your chance to win free tokens!

Click here for your full list of prizes.

TaF money & PokerSnowie

All you have to do is be an active community member and complete the usual tasks to secure your tickets in the raffle each Monday.

This is a community wide promotion. Raffle tickets are awarded for a range of tasks including commenting on news stories, writing posts in our forum and watching our videos.

Players can earn raffle tickets to win TaF money and PokerSnowie licenses by completing simple tasks as explained here.

Now, on to today's raffle:

This week's winner are:

Nickname Prize
roflz00r $400
Yurbas555 $250
Prime86 $100
RentzEst $10
LivFor $10
omgfeymo $10
VitalyZahar $10
Tapochkin720525 $10
slycs $10
Nastya19961 $10
Takauchi $10
AceQween $10
jasonizer Pro MONTHLY
karss4 Pro MONTHLY

Please note that token winners are not listed here and winners will be informed by support, while token allocation by the poker rooms may take a day or two longer.

Thanks for playing and good luck from everybody at PokerStrategy.com!

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  • CucumbaMan


    Good idea not to show the countries anymore. Less rage this way. :)
  • Lazza61


    @ 1 It's irrelevant. They are community flags, not countries. For instance, I'm an Australian but I would be tagged with an English flag. If we still had an Indian community, I would be tagged with that instead.
  • CucumbaMan


    Oh I got it, please don't get me wrong. I got no problem with it at all. Just almost always the comments were like, oohh wow, so many russians, etc...
  • Lazza61


    Haha, yes. Our Russian community is HUGE!!!!! :D
  • Tara771


    Unibet should not fail this week .. gl gl..
  • anduke


    Yeah, they are irrelevant, but I still agree with the point made by CucumbaMan. Russian community is huge indeed, and that's why there were mostly Russian flags behind the weekly winners, not seeing the community flags is still less rage inducing although it doesn't change the outcome :)