Double StrategyPoints at PokerStars for One Month

PokerStars is sponsor of the next Black Member Event at the beginning of October. To celebrate this, you will get double StrategyPoints for an entire month up until October 16th.

100% up to $600 Bonus
Bonus: 100% up to $600
Marketing Code: strategy-en
Bonus Code: STARS600

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The next Black Member Event, taking take place in Leipzig from October 8th - 10th, is just around the corner and PokerStars will sponsor the event. Find more details on this here in our announcement news.

To celebrate this special occasion, you will get double StrategyPoints at PokerStars from September 17th through to October 16th.

This means that you will receive two instead of the usual one StrategyPoint for every two Base FPPs (Frequent Player Points) that you earn. If you would like to discuss this promotion with other players, our PokerStars forum is the right place for you:

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The extra StrategyPoints count towards your status and your lifetime points, but cannot be used for Tell-A-Friend or the Top 250 promotion.

Not only will you reach a higher status in a shorter amount of time, but you will also unlock more content, such as coaching sessions, articles and videos.

If you don't have an account yet, you can create one now and profit from our 100% up to $600 first deposit bonus:


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Earn double StrategyPoints at PokerStars from September 17th to October 16th

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Comments (8)

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  • elhh82


    At times like these, I wish my PokerStars account was tracked.
  • 8979687


    GOLD in like a few days... Sick.
  • sk345di


    Diamond here I comeeeeee :)
  • matiapag


    lol! if I add the 10 PSP bonus I get for every day I play, I get a great amount of points! It's so easy to become gold now :)
  • pericas1991


    platinum here i comeee!!! :D
  • LgWz


    yay ez diamond
  • Grimzor


    Hehe, this comes just as i got diamond on my own. Kinda disappointed a bit because i gain almost nothing from this great promotion :D
  • pogodon


    black member here i come