Gemstone VIP Promotion: Join the Promotion Without Deductions

More people are joining our year-long Gemstone VIP promotion every day, and we're offering an even bigger incentive to join - no deductions when you start!

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No deductions for new starters

Our GemstoneGemstone VIP Promotion has been going strong over the past three months, and we've been dishing out Gemstones left and right to our top grinders.

If you'd like to step up to the challenge and give our longest running promotion a shot, now is the perfect time because we are offering a clean slate to all new starters. This means that you won't get any Gemstones deducted until after you've received your first Gemstone.

Whether you're new to or just haven't had the time to join the promotion, start collecting your Gemstones and from now on we won't count lack of Gemstones from the previous months against you.

How do I collect Gemstones?

For each 7,500 StrategyPoints you earn a month at one of our participating rooms, you will receive a Gemstone. A Gemstone is worth between $150-$200, depending on the total amount of Gemstones you earn in 2012. The more Gemstones you collect, the more cash you'll receive.

Take a look at the participating poker rooms below:

Gemstone Promotion: Participating Poker Rooms
Poker Room
SP/$1 rake
Analysis thread
PartyPoker PartyPoker 4.5StrategyPoints / $1 rake Go to analysis
Poker Heaven Poker Heaven
4StrategyPoints / €1 rake Go to analysis
William Hill William Hill
5StrategyPoints / $1 rake Go to analysis
Everest Poker Everest Poker
0.5StrategyPoints / 1 Summit Point
Go to analysis
Ladbrokes Poker Ladbrokes Poker 4StrategyPoints / £1 rake Go to analysis
Titan Poker Titan Poker 3StrategyPoints / $1 rake Go to analysis
4.5StrategyPoints/ $1 rake Go to analysis


How do the deductions work?

The name of the game is consistency! If you manage to earn at least 1 Gemstone every month after you've earned your first Gemstone, you will be rewarded with up to $200 per Gemstone.

However, if you fail to earn a Gemstone after you've already received your first Gemstone, a deduction will be applied to your year-end total (see table below) .

Gemstone Promotion - Deductions
Months with no Gemstones* Gemstones deducted
0 0
1 -1
2 -3
3 -6
4 -10
5 -15
6 -21
*Deductions only apply to missed months
after you earned your first Gemstone

Example 1: If you earn your first Gemstone in April and continue to earn at least one Gemstone per month until the end of the year, you won't have any missed months and therefore no deductions.

Example 2: You earn your first Gemstone in May but no Gemstones in June and October. If you proceed to earn at least one Gemstone each month after May, only June and October will count as missed months.

Example 3: If you earn your first Gemstone in December, you will have no missed months and no deductions will apply.

For more information, examples and FAQ, have a look at our overview thread below:

Gemstone Promotion: Overview Thread

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