Last chance to Level Up!

Play for 20 days this April to get an easy Status Upgrade and up to $100, but if you haven’t started yet, you'd better get moving soon!

This April, make things interesting and help yourself to either a Gold, PlatinumPlatinum, or even DiamondDiamond status upgrade as well as earning up to an extra $100 in selected rooms. To take advantage of this excellent opportunity to boost your account, you must play for at least 20 days in April. With the month nearly half way through already get grinding today to make sure you lock up that Level Up!

Forum: Level Up your status in April and net a cash bonus!

How do I Level Up?

Level Up

Simply earn the qualifying amount of StrategyPoints* for at least 20 days this April and you'll be levelled up.

These days do not need to be 20 consecutive days; you can have days off in between as long as they add up to 20 days overall.

In addition, some of our partner poker rooms are offering cash rewards for our dedicated grinders: $20 for reaching GoldGold status, $50 for PlatinumPlatinum and $100 for DiamondDiamond!

There's no better chance to hit the next status level and unlock all the benefits attached!

Level Up status calculations

In order to reach your desired status, you must meet the following StrategyPoint goals for 20 days in April:

Calculation for GoldGold status
10 StrategyPoints each day for 20 days + 200 StrategyPoints
20x 10 bonus StrategyPoints a day + 200 StrategyPoints
100 bonus StrategyPoints + 100 StrategyPoints
Overall Total = GoldGold status
Calculation for PlatinumPlatinum status
90 StrategyPoints each day for 20 days + 1,800 StrategyPoints
20x 10 bonus StrategyPoints a day + 200 StrategyPoints
500 bonus StrategyPoints + 500 StrategyPoints
Overall Total = PlatinumPlatinum status
Calculation for DiamondDiamond status
320 StrategyPoints each day for 20 days + 6,400 StrategyPoints
20x 10 bonus StrategyPoints a day + 200 StrategyPoints
900 bonus StrategyPoints + 900 StrategyPoints
Overall Total = DiamondDiamond status

Participating rooms & cash rewards

Level Up cash rewards

Hit the above SP goals at a participating poker room and be rewarded with cash:

  • Gold status - $20
  • Platinum status - $50
  • Diamond status - $100

Check the table below for eligible rooms in which you can receive an additional cash reward.

If you do complete this promotion and receive a status upgrade, some of our partner rooms will now reward you with an additional cash prize depending on the status you've levelled up to.

The table below lists the rooms where you can level up your status, and those offering a cash reward.

Your cash reward, if applicable, will be credited to your respective poker room account at the beginning of May.

*Qualifying SPs must be earned per room - for example, you will not receive a cash reward for Gold status if you earn 5SP on Titan and 5SP on NetBet for 20 days in April. Players can earn multiple cash rewards by hitting SP targets at different participating rooms.

*For William Hill players, to be eligible for the offer players will need to opt in by April 30. Please note that your bonus will be spilt in two pieces. You will receive 50% up front in cash and the other 50% bonus money (cleared at 20% redemption rate, $2 chunks for 100 WH points and valid for 30 days)

We recommend that users do not aim to get just the necessary StrategyPoint goals (e.g. only 10 SP per day) as, due to currency changes and other factors, a perceived 10SP may be registered as e.g. 9.7 SP. Additionally, please note poker room server times are not necessarily equal to the StrategyPoint reporting times and no exceptions can be made for players who miss their daily targets, even by a fraction.

For more, head over to the Level Up forum here

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