Mansion Poker: 100% More Mansion Points For Depositors In January

Mansion Poker has come up with a nice Christmas present for our PokerStrategists: If you make a first deposit at Mansion Poker by the end of January, you will receive a 100% boost to your January Mansion Points (not SP).

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Deposit, play, get the 100% Boost

To get the bonus 100% boost to your Mansion Club Points (MCP) in January, you only have to make your first deposit at Mansion Poker between December 18th 2008 and January 31st 2009. You will then automatically receive the bonus on your collected points for January in early February.

100% Boost means:
You will receive your collected Mansion Club Points in January again for free. This happens along with the regular boost which you already receive from having the status Club Member anyway via the Club Mansion system. Further information can be found below in this news article.

As a Pro Member, you'll receive a 150% boost for the collected MCP in January at Mansion Poker. This 150% bonus is then added to the 100% boost - so you will receive another 250% of your collected MCP in January.

With, for instance, 10,000 MCP in January, the boost will then be 25,000 MCP, so that you will end up with 35,000 MCP in your account for January. What you can do with these points will be explained below:

Club Mansion – the easy VIP System

Achieve a VIP level, receive point boosts and exchange points for cash – that's how easy the Mansion Poker VIP system called »Club Mansion« is:

Collect Points:

For each $1 fee, you'll receive 20 Mansion Club Points (MCP's) at Mansion Poker. In cash games, you also receive 20 MCP's for each $1 rake.

Club Mansion Level:

Depending on the amount of your collected MCP's, you will climb to one of the eight Club Mansion levels at the end of the month.

As a reward, you will receive a »Boost« – which is a multiplication of the month's points. The higher you climb in the level system, the bigger your boost (between 50% as Club Member up to 550% as Diamond 3).

Loyalty Boosts:

Are you able to keep your level for over 3 or even 6 months? Then you can get a further boost for your points, which will increase your point amount by a multiple of your monthly collected points.

Cash Bonuses for Points:

After you have grabbed your monthly boost and hopefully a loyalty boost as well, the big bonuses await you in the Club Mansion Shop. If, for instance, you achieved Platinum level during the last 6 months, you will receive at least two $3,000 bonuses – that's $6,000 cash!

» Information about the Club Mansion Levels, boosts and bonuses


Example Calculation for Cash Bonuses:

You want to know how many dollars in cash bonus you can receive depending on your level within three or six months? We'll make it simple with this example:

» Example calculation: From the level over the loyalty boosts to the bonus

Further Freerolls for new Players:

Besides the regular freerolls, you also have the opportunity to play in further tournaments as a new player at Mansion Poker with prize monies up to $3,000:

$1,000 freeroll at 1,000 MCP: As soon as you collected your first 1,000 MCP, you receive an invitation to a freeroll with $1,000 prize money + 3 tickets for the $250k Guaranteed tournament taking place each Sunday.

$3,000 freeroll for Club Members: If you also manage to get into the Club Mansion, so at least collect 2,000 MCP for the status Club Member, you are also allowed to participate in the $3,000 Club Mansion Welcome Freeroll.

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Mansion Poker
200% up to $600




Since September 2008, Mansion Poker has been part of the iPoker network, a coalition of several well-known poker providers. Ever since, Mansion Poker and the network have continued to grow, and belong amongst the Top 3 of largest poker providers.

At times, over 11,000 people are gathered at Mansion's poker tables simultaneously. The iPoker network is also known for having many bad opponents. Thus Mansion Poker is certainly a profitable provider for good players.

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    will I get 100% more MPP when I made a deposit today? and will i collect them this year too?