New Status System - Become Gold and get Special Rewards in June!

Our status system is now not just simpler - it is now also way easier to get to the Gold and Platinum status. To give you a special reason to grab a higher status in June, we have a special $11,111 freeroll just for Gold members and a huge raffle with 20x $640 tickets for the Summer Million and 500 more prizes coming up!

Why should I become a Gold member in June?

It has never been easier - you now just need 500 StrategyPoints to reach Gold status - 37% less than before.
It pays off this June - you get a ticket for a special restricted $11,111 freeroll for our Gold members & you earn tickets for our Super Summer Raffle

The new Status System

As we recently announced, we switched our status system to a simple monthly cycle. In a nutshell, this means that every month, you are not just earning StrategyPoints for this month's status - but also the StrategyPoints for your minimum status for next month!

Example: if you become a Gold member in June, you will stay a Gold member at least until the end of July (while in July, you both can attack Platinum and earn your status for August at the same time).

Additionally, we made it easier to reach the important Gold & Platinum statuses: Status System
Status Summary Silver Silver Gold Gold Platinum Platinum Diamond Diamond Timespan
Old Requirements 100 800 3,000 7,500 28 Days
New Requirements 100 500
7,500 Month

Find out more info here.

The $11,111 Gold+ Freeroll

On July 12, we will hold a special $11,111 freeroll on - exclusive to our members with Gold status (or higher).

Find out more and discuss with other PokerStrategists

How do I get raffle tickets?

Depending on your highest Status in June, you earn tickets for our Super Summer Raffle:

Gold Gold --> 1 ticket
Platinum Platinum --> 3 tickets
Diamond Diamond --> 5 tickets

What can I win in the raffle?

20x $640 tickets to the Summer Million on August 7
25x poker chip sets + two plastic card decks
200x hoodies in different colours + two plastic card decks
• 100x cap + two plastic card decks
• 100x special underwear ;) + two card decks
• 75x Texas Holdem dealer button


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Comments (12)

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  • Mopenza


    nice one! just 1 problem, I got 600+ strategy points for liek 10 days now and I am still silver? can come check it?
  • MikeF


    @1 the new system counts on june 1st, we have to wait till then have like 620 too :)
  • DeMarcohsp


    The partypoker account has to be tracked?


    :) check out the underwear that's just hilarious. nice promo though strategy I will be trying for Gold :). ty
  • ZeloSlb


    @3 nope
  • Ronny


    @3 Every entered PartyPoker account can participate.
  • itsmebitch


    Thank you PokerStrategy, for little, but very nice surprizes. ;)
  • antstruk


    So if your on FTP you get nothing?
  • Pascal


    @ antstruk
    of course you can't participate in a tournament on PartyPoker without the PartyPoker software
    but it is something you can easily change ;-)
    and if for some reasons you don't want to have a PartyPoker account
    there are still some hoodies, chip sets and other nice things in the raffle
  • santostr


    Is #2 correct?
    I'll make 2.5k points within may when SPs updates today. I'll only be upgraded in June?
  • santostr


    Nevermind, I read the original post regarging the changes. #2 is correct.


    ok ok... just 5 more days..
  • Anssi


    Should have stayed Diamond :/