Poker770 $100 Staking Offer - Massive Demand Causes Delays

Poker770 would like to apologise for not replying to PokerStrategists within the promised 48 hour time frame in regards to the $100 staking offer. The sheer number of applicants was overwhelming. They would like to assure you that everybody who applied will get a reply in due course.

Poker770 release statement:

"Poker770 would like to apologise for the delay in replying to those of you that applied for the '$100 Stake' promotion.

We previously guaranteed a reply within 48 hours but we were unprepared for the sheer volume of interest from PokerStrategists.

As a result, we experienced difficulty in processing so many requests and were not able to respond within the promised timeframe.

We are delighted by the interest shown and regretful for any inconvenience we may have caused you.

We strive to offer our customers an excellent service so please accept our sincerest apologies and rest assured that we will reply to everyone as soon as we possibly can.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

Your Poker770 Team"

Poker770 have set up helpdesks especially for PokerStrategists so if you have any concerns or questions regarding the '$100 Stake' offer then please don't hesitate to get in touch:

What is the $100 Stake promotion?

Poker770 is offering a $100 stake to all new players who apply for it. The stake can be used at either cash games or tournaments and the players can keep or withdraw everything above this initial $100.

How can I claim my $100 stake from Poker770?

  1. Create a Poker770 account.
  2. Send your application with the subject "$100 Stake" at Add your Full Tilt Poker and Poker770 usernames and mention "Cash" for cash games or "SNG" for tournaments. Please also include in the e-mail that you are a member - that way you will get your money even faster!
  3. Receive your $100 stake in your Poker770 account.

Note: In order to take part in this promotion, you need to register through this sign-up link. Alternatively, you can also enter the PSVIP100 bonus code when registering. Also, you need to make sure that you enter your Poker770 nickname into your profile.

Terms and Conditions as stated on

Only players active during the last 30 days on Full Tilt Poker can participate.
Only new Poker770 players are eligible for the stake.
Players playing above NL 25 or $5.50 SnGs/MTTs will receive $100 stake.
Players playing below and including NL 25 or $5.50 SnGs/MTTs will receive $50 stake.
Players be granted higher stakes in special cases. To apply for the special stakes, you need to mention "Special case" in your application email.
The initial amount staked by Poker770 cannot be withdrawn.
For 50$ offer, the cash table limits will be restricted to:
    · Fixed Limits up to $0.10/0.20
    · No Limit and Pot Limit up to $0.02/$0.04
    · Heads Up tournaments are not allowed
For 100$ offer, the cash table limits will be restricted to:
    · Fixed Limits up to $0.20/$0.50
    · No Limit and Pot Limit up to $0.05/$0.10
    · Heads Up tournaments are not allowed
Players can lift this restriction when they have generated $50 in rake + tournament fees or if they deposit $100."

You can view the full Terms and Conditions on the Poker770 page.

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Comments (14)

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  • Burgeo29


    "we wish to inform you that you are not eligible for this promotion as your FullTiltPoker account did not pass the verification procedure."

    This is what i got for being a regular player on Full Tilt.

    A friend of mine has never made a deposit on Full Tilt in his life and got 50$ stake, haha.



    same here... so whats the deal with this...I got the same message.
  • DarkNeo1


    Interesting indeed Burge. The tokens are pretty pointless anyway as you can only play $2.20 tournaments, the sngs are $2.40 and there are only like 2 mtts a day that are $2.20. :S
  • IflopMonsters


    #1 and #2 how much did you lose?
  • pogodon


    i just signed up to this, is it legit?
  • jbpatzer


    Massive demand for free money? Who would have thought!
  • Burgeo29


    #4 Enough on FullTilt.

    And im not moaning about $100, just funny how they chose to stake my mate and not a regular when i thought the whole idea was to help FT customers, lol.

    Go 770!!!
  • joehahaha


    This thing about FTP is just for marketing purpose, they are picking randomly who they will "stake".
  • zyler


    It is a complete joke,i played full tilt almost everyday,yet i did not qualify,it's disgraceful,yet i bet will still get there referall fee,it is a complete,joke/scam
  • Cpwpoker


    770 Poker is unreliable. Their support are just blind. Just because I am a rush player and did not aappear on tracking site they say that I was not active on Full tilt which actually make me tilt.

    I send them proof from my HEM and Pokerstrategy. If they don't acknowlege my activity I will ask for deletion of my account in their room as am tilting XD and have better place to play with better understanding support !
  • AltTabF4


    Lolol, 770 Poker is making you go "full tilt", that's why there's FTP involved.
  • herotinees


    I just got an e-mail from 770 with the message that i'm not getting the stake, because there have been too many applicants. apparently they allowed 1000 players the stake, so I was too late.
  • zyler


    Promotion of stake over guys,1000 reached they say,don't waste your time,gl
  • Elefantibus


    Yey great, I signed up and asked for the stake like on the day the offer came out and still didn't get any response...great customer service!!!