PokerSnowie now also available on Android

Due to popular demand, the good folks at PokerSnowie have expanded their mobile offer and released an app for Android devices.


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After launching an iOS app at the beginning of the year, PokerSnowie Mobile has now also been made available on Android, allowing you to challenge PokerSnowie and enhance your poker game, anywhere, anytime.

Using artificial intelligence based on Game Theory Optimal principles to make decisions, this No-Limit Texas Hold'em training software aims to help players of all levels perfect their gameplay and improve their all-round poker skillset.

For the time being, PokerSnowie Mobile will offer heads-up and 5-max simulations, with starting stacks reset to 100BB at the begining of each hand. The ability to play on full seated tables along with other great features is planned for the near future, though.

For those not currently benefitting from this really useful software, grab yourselves a 10 days free trial now if you would like to give PokerSnowie a try.

Only until September 30th, 2018, PokerSnowie Mobile is available to members with an active PokerSnowie subscription.

PokerSnowie Mobile App
The PokerSnowie Mobile App

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