SideKick: Pocket 8s at 888poker Can Get You $888 Cash

Every time you win with pocket 8s at 888poker, you will receive the 'Five of a Kind - 8s' Kick. Collect as many as you can from February 15 - March 14 and you will have a greater chance of winning $888 cash.

Win $888 when you win with 88

888 KickThe SideKick is now compatible with 888poker, supporting the latest features such as the StrategyPoint counter.

In celebration of our new development, we are excited to announce the first 888poker and SideKick promotion. We're giving away $888 cash to one lucky person and it could be you!

For every hand you win with pocket 8s at 888poker, you will receive the 'Five of a Kind - 8s' Kick. You can earn unlimited amount of 'Five of a Kind - 8s' Kicks, which means the more you play, the higher your chances are of winning the $888.

How does it work?

  1. Download the SideKick
  2. Run the SideKick software while playing on a tracked 888poker account. If you don't have one, create one now.
  3. Earn the 'Five of a Kind - 8s' Kick by winning with pocket 8s at 888poker between February 15, 00:00 GMT and March 14, 00:00 GMT.
  4. The $888 will be raffled among ALL communities shortly after the promotion ends and the winner will be publicly announced.
Note: The money will be transferred directly to your Tell-a-Friend account.

Forum: SideKick overview

What is the SideKick?

Free $8 at 888poker
Free $8 for all new players

Get your free $8 now SideKick is a software tool you can use to collect rewards, or Kicks, when you're playing at Cash Games or Sit and Go tournaments. We hope it brings a new dimension of fun to your poker game as you earn Kicks in conjunction with cash at the tables.

The software runs in the background during your poker session and keeps track of the hands you play. After you've installed it, you can see the SideKick icon on your taskbar.

Learn about the Kicks and find out what you need to do to earn them in our list of Kicks thread.

Get a free $8 starting bankroll at 888poker

Now that the SideKick supports 888poker, this is the perfect opportunity to try out the poker room with a free $8.

Step-by-Step Guide: Get your Free $8 now!

Forum: Questions & Answers on the Free $8 Offer

The free $8 offer is only available to players from the following countries: United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Greece, Netherlands, South Africa, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Lebanon, Kuwait, Finland, Cyprus Japan, Luxemburg and Malta.

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Comments (4)

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  • Skraggy


    Lets have a 72 for stars now :D
  • Fagin


    Had pocket 8s five times on 888 since this started but not gotten to a showdown yet lol
  • Subaaru


    How come I only got this kick the first time? The second time I won a hand with 88 sidekick just gave me the snowman kick and not the "Five of a kind 8s".
  • PS.Markus


    There has been an issue with poker room recognition.

    Please mail in the hand history (original, no HEM export) of the hand in question.

    We'll check and add the Kick.