Update: Gemstone value per room in April

More rooms have been added to our new Gemstone promotion in April. Find out the value of your Gemstones for each poker room.

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Our exclusive Gemstone VIP Promotion returns once again for another three months. You can earn //d3ltpfxjzvda6e.cloudfront.net/2012/12/19/gemstone-miniicon-green-red.pngGemstones for every 2,500 and 7,500 StrategyPoints you generate at partypoker, Iron Poker, bet365William Hill, NetBet PokerBetfair Poker and Titan PokerTitan Poker.

In the first month of the promotional period Gemstones are worth double at iPoker rooms. On top of the usual loyalty benefits, this means you get up to 30% extra rakeback from Gemstone in April.  

Payouts are made in July when we total up your Gemstones, apply any deductions, and deposit your cash into your poker account.

Update: How much do you earn per Gemstone?

For every 2,500 and 7,500 StrategyPoints you generate each month, we will give you:

  • //d3ltpfxjzvda6e.cloudfront.net/2012/12/18/gemstone-miniicon-green.png Green Gemstones for every 2,500 SP
  • //d3ltpfxjzvda6e.cloudfront.net/2011/12/21/red-diamond.pngRed Gemstones for every 7,500 SP
  • //d3ltpfxjzvda6e.cloudfront.net/2012/12/19/gemstone-miniicon-green-red.pngMaintain rewards for sustained play throughout the promotion period.
  • //d3ltpfxjzvda6e.cloudfront.net/2012/12/19/gemstone-miniicon-green-red.pngOn most rooms you will earn double Gemstones in April

Please note: The value of each Gemstone depends on the room where you collect the Gemstone as per the table below:

Gemstone value per room
Poker roomGreen Gemstone GreenRed Gemstone RedDouble Gemstones in April?
Titan Poker $75 $150
Betfair Poker $75 $150
Iron Poker $75 $150
partypoker $75 $150 -
William Hill $45 $90
NetBet Poker $40 $90
bet365 $55 $115

We made a mistake initally, as we did not specify the Gemstone values for the newly added partner rooms. The values for the new partners might seem lower, but keep in mind you collect your Gemstones faster because you get more StrategyPoints for every $ in rake.

StrategyPoints per participating room
Poker roomSP/rakePoker roomSP/rake
Betfair Poker 3SP/$1 Iron Poker 3SP/$1
partypoker 3SP/$1 William Hill 5SP/$1
NetBet Poker 6SP/€1 bet365 4SP/$1
Titan Poker 3SP/$1

For more information, including how the deductions work, visit our dedicated Gemstone page.

If you think you know someone who would also enjoy this excellent promotion, don't forget to take advantage of Tell-a-Friend where we reward those who refer us to others with extra goodies!

Promotion Terms & Conditions

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Comments (11)

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  • Zebbu


    A question. If I for example get 7500 SP's (3 green, 1 red gemstone) on Betfair during April, and then switch to NetBet for May and get 7500 SP's again, do they work together without deductions?
  • domeex


    Can someone explaine this Gemstone points ?
  • Lanfear81


    @1: Yes, you can switch rooms without deductions, as long as you earn 7,500 SP again to secure your red (and green) gemstones.

    However, the gemstone promotion on partypoker is a "seperate" promotion. So if in your example you would switch to partypoker instead, you would get deductions (of course your would earn new gemstones on partypoker instead)
  • Lanfear81


    @2 Gemstone points are based on your the StrategyPoints you earn on a room. For every $ rake on your room you get a certain amount of StrategyPoints, for example 5 SP/$1 rake on William Hill (depends per room).

    If a player earns 7,500 SP on William Hill and 2,500 SP on partypoker, the player will get:
    3 green Gemstones on William hill (3x 2,500SP)
    1 Red Gemstone on William Hill
    1 Green Gemstone on partypoker

    The Gemstones on William Hill are then doubled because of the double Gemstones in April.

    If in May the player earns 7,500 again on bet365, but 0 SP on partypoker, the player gets another 3 green and 1 red Gemstone on top of his William Hill gemstones, but he will lose 1 green Gemstone on partypoker, because he didnt qualify for the partypoker Gemstones.

    Hope this makes it a bit clearer? :)
  • klimbo


    Yes thank you for adding NetBet to this! Time for some great rakeback this spring!
  • dycie


    whether pokertars never be raceback ?
  • Marta


    PokerStars is not a part of this promotion. The participating rooms are listed in the table above.
  • klimbo


    It did seem that getting $150 per red gemstone on NetBet would amount to a very juicy payday in July but at $90 it is still good. Really glad to see this promo expanded especially since you took out the top 100!
  • JohnyC1337


    I dont get it. Why would anyone play on other site than titan whn titan got 40% RB from VIP system and other sites are 35 or lower. And now when you get the same RB from diamonds on all sites its makes no sence to play on wh or other ipoker sites. Am I wrong?
  • JohnyC1337


    btw. is this promotion active or not?? I can see it through this link but otherwise its impossible to find it... http://poker.williamhill.com/promotions/exclusive-points-chase/points-chase/?1
  • Marta


    Glad to see you like it!

    #9 & #10
    There are reasons why people choose other skins: (better) promotions, personal preferences, untracked accounts etc. Also, the amount of "rakeback" from the loyalty programs depends on your activity and will not be equal for everyone.

    As for the William Hill promotion, it's only for the chosen players who have been invited via e-mail to participate.