Who's going to win $300 on Steam this week?

Learn which PokerStrategists won prizes in our latest weekly Task List raffle and what you can win this time next week too.

Steam Task ListIn our ever popular Task List raffle, active community members can win up to $300 to spend at the popular digital game store Steam. Tickets for the weekly raffle can be earned by completing various tasks on our website throughout each week.

Apart from the main prize of $300 on Steam, we will also award several smaller cash prizes on a weekly basis. The winner of the $300 will be free to choose whatever they want, be it tools or games, from the Steam store, or alternatively have the $300 credited to their Tell-a-Friend balance here at PokerStrategy.com.

Now, to today's raffle result: Our lucky winner is from the Russian community. A massive congratulations from everyone at PokerStrategy.com!

This week's $300 Steam winner


Additionally, there were also nine other winners of cash prizes:

Nickname Community Prize
VaSJoKeR RU $300 on Steam
Sefant77 DE $50
happix RU $10
Bertol1 IT $10
Pashaklv RU $10
rjcfaria DE $10
Jeeex PL $10
nlupo RU $10
tropicana1 IT $10
golzemina RU $10

New week, new raffle!

As always a new raffle begins immediately. Along with our usual range of cash prizes—once more we'll be awarding one lucky member with $300 to spend on games or software via Steam.

How do the poker tasks work?

Thanks to everyone who took part, have a great week.

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Comments (6)

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  • ilsilenzio


    Torna l'Italia 😊
  • SDK1987


    At least 2 prizes for them, but most are still from Russia.
  • kommissar


    #1 - Addiritura doppietta, roba quasi impossibile :)
    Complimentoni ai due colleghi tricolore ;)
  • JimmkCZ


    congrat all winners and good luck next time
  • tropicana1


    Ma va, non ci credo!
  • Lazza61


    Well done tropicana1 :)