Win more than €50,000 in cash this December

Put the WIN in WINter with €50,000 up for grabs for players of these cool missions.

WINter Missions

Make this the best Christmas of all by claiming a piece of the €50,000 on offer in your favourite iPoker rooms.

Taking what’s yours couldn’t be easier, just take part in as many of the 28 bi-daily €1,000 all-in freerolls giving away cash prizes.

To take part in these daily freerolls players must opt-in and complete the daily missions listed in the table below between December 04 to December 31. Each successful completion of that day's Mission #1 unlocks the Mission #2.

By completing both daily missions, players will win two tickets to the freerolls which run twice daily, up to a maximum of one per day. Cash Game Missions can be completed on No Limit Texas Hold’em tables with €0,05/0,10 minimum blinds, but Heads-up tables are excluded.

Bi-daily all-in Winter Challenge Freerolls

Running Period Time (GMT) Tournament Name Prizepool
Running until December 31 16:00 €1,000 Winter Challenge €1,000
Running until December 31 20:00 €1,000 Winter Challenge €1,000

Daily Missions

Date Mission #1 Mission #2
Saturday December 16 See 10 flops Win a hand with 72 Cash
Sunday December 17 Play an MTT (€5 Min) Play the €10000 Special One MTT
Monday December 18 Win with straight or better Win with a Flush or better Cash
Tuesday December 19 Win 2 Twister (€2 Minimum) Play 5 Twister (€2 Minimum)
Wednesday December 20 Win with a Pocket pair Win with a Full House or better Cash
Thursday December 21 Play an MTT (€5 Min) Play a ticket satellite MTT
Friday December 22 Play 3 Twister (€2 Minimum) Win 1 Twister (€10 minimum)
Saturday December 23 Play 1 Twister (€5 Minimum) Win 1 Twister (€5 Minimum)
Sunday December 24 Play 10 hands Win 3 hands at showdown Cash
Monday December 25 Play a Twister (€1 Min) Win a Twister (€5 Min)
Tuesday December 26 Play 5 Twister (€1 Minimum) Win 2 Twister (€2 Minimum)
Wednesday December 27 Play 50 hands Make a Flush or better Cash
Thursday December 28 Be dealt 33 or 44 Be dealt 55 or 66 Cash
Friday December 29 Win 3 Twister (€1 Minimum)  Win 5 Twister (€1 Minimum)
Saturday December 30 Be dealt KK or AA Be dealt JJ or QQ Cash
Sunday December 31 Play 2 Twister (€5 Minimum) Win 1 Twister (€5 Minimum)

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  • Tara771


    prize in the network all the lower and lower .. soon to 10k will come ..