$1 million Red Spade Open returns to PokerStars

The mid stakes tournament with a likely overlay and $100 bounties on Team PokerStars Pros is back next weekend.

Red Spade PokerStars

Those of you feeling left out by the High Roller Series about to take place at PokerStars will be pleased to see something for the mid stakes grinder.

After a break last year the $55 Red Spade Open returns to PokerStars on December 3 at 21:00 CET. The $1 million guaranteed re-entry tournament will need 20,000 entries overall, otherwise it will be an overlay. 

$100,000 is also guaranteed to the eventual winner, making it the best value MTT of the weekend by an order of magnitude. 

What is unique and popular about this particular event is that there is a $100 bounty on every Team PokerStars member in the field. You know you are playing a Team Pro because they have a Red Spade logo (Hence the name of the tournament). 

The tournament is already in the lobby and you can qualify for it around the clock at PokerStars.

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