$1.2 million overlay in the Sunday Million

The biggest online tournament of 2018 (so far) has missed its guarantee by a staggering amount.

Sunday Million Overlay
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The PokerStars Sunday Million 12th Anniversary boasted a $10 million guarantee for a $215 buy-in, but has fallen short by a big margin. 

43,975 entries were made before the close of registration, which is gobsmacking by any objective measure, but 50,000 were needed to meet the guarantee. 

That is some 6,025 entries shy, or $1,205,000 when you remove the rake. This time last year the same event attracted 55,835 players and was won by 'Xavi666' for $1,093,204.63.

The other major Anniversary event last night was the Sunday Storm 7th Anniversary event which attracted 142,099 entries and crushed the $1 million guarantee by a big margin, collecting $1,420,990 in prize money. 

This is a rare big overlay for PokerStars, but at the end of last year their first PCA Ultra Satellite did incur an overlay of $574,820

A reason for this overlay may have been the increased competition from partypoker who hosted their PowerFest Main Events last night, though that series was still small in comparison. The High $2,100 Main Event attracted 525 players and the Low $22 Main Event captured 2,182. 

The Sunday Million has been paused with 535 players remaining and will resume later today. Everyone left in is guaranteed $1,219 but the eventual champion will pocket $1,024,524. 

Why do you think the guarantee was missed by such a big margin? Let us know in the comments:

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Comments (12)

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  • SDK1987


    That’s tough to say. The traffic is decreasing a little bit and they changed the VIP program since last time. It could al influence this.
  • NatRPheM


    They have fucked over players, with their "reward system" and other things, it's well deserved
  • joko1991


    Superbowl may be a reason as well🤔
  • BarryCarter


    Superbowl happened the same time as the the anniversary event last year
  • SDK1987


    Super Bowl is I think most popular in the USA and maybe Canada, but in most European countries it’s not that interesting I think.


    1. Regulations
    2. Less new players
    3. Superbowl
    4. Both anniversaries on same day
    5. Amaya
    6. DNegs
  • SDK1987


    4. Sounds more like an advantage then a disadvantage.
  • Xander188


    Super Bowel is a big deal only in US/Canada, I would say one of the reason is because they replaced they great VIP programme with this 'failrewards'. Guess there wont be 10mil 13th anniversary :))


    #7 Not really. They've always worked separately without any problems. Having them the same day made no sense especially for satellites. One will always take away from the other.
  • FifiMik


  • Xenomystus


    How many players did they loose in average due to the rakeback changes?
  • arvis77


    I i want to play that event but go broke on other tours tryed sats no luck there its awesome to win 1 million then rest in hawaii drink something on sun and be happy . ;)