$33 million to be refunded to UB/Absolute Poker players

7,400 players will be getting their bankrolls back and there is still time to make a claim.

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Absolute Poker

One of the big surprise stories of 2017 was the US Department of Justice announcing it would refund former Ultimate Bet/Absolute Poker players, six years after Black Friday seemingly crushed all of hope of that happening. 

The Garden City Group, who are handling the refunds, announced last week that:

GCG has been informed that the Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Section of the Department of Justice (MLARS) has approved a first round of payments to Petitioners who confirmed their Absolute Poker / Ultimate Bet account balances prior to the initial June 9, 2017 filing deadline. The distribution will include payments to approximately 7,400 Petitioners with awards totaling almost $33.5 million.

Successful petitioners will receive confirmation emails within the next few weeks, with some poker players already claiming to have had their confirmations. 

Players, including those outside of the US, can still make a claim, with the deadline being September 7. There was $45 million in unclaimed funds after the Garden City Group went through the same process to refund Full Tilt Poker players, which suggests that around $10 million in potential funds available for last minute claims, as the DOJ chose to refund UB/AP players from the balance left over from Full Tilt claims.

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