"I want to be the first double-EPT winner" - Interview with Jake Cody

We catch up with Jake Cody ahead of the start of EPT Season X to talk about the Triple Crown, WCOOP and the legendary final table he made at EPT Monte Carlo this year.

"Winning a WCOOP is my main goal"

Jake winning an EPT.....
PokerStrategy.com: What have you been doing since the WSOP finished?

Jake Cody: It's been pretty non stop since the WSOP, I went straight to Florida after to grind some cash games and spend some time with my girlfriend and her family.

It was really relaxing, and I just love poker, it's my life so I didn't really need any recovery time even though I was at the WSOP for the whole time.

PokerStrategy.com: Are you looking forward to WCOOP?

Jake Cody: Definitely, most people have had some time off and are raring to go again. 

I'm sure everyone is itching to play some big tournaments online after so much time in Vegas.

PokerStrategy.com: What is your plan for WCOOP this year?

Jake Cody: For SCOOP I was in Mexico but this time for WCOOP I'm going to be in the glamorous city of Leeds where I live. This year has been so busy it's going to be nice to be home for a while and great I can play major tournaments in bed or in the office at home. 

I've won a SCOOP but yet to win a WCOOP so winning one has to be my main goal, got my eyes on the main event.

PokerStrategy.com: Which events are you looking forward to the most?

Jake Cody:  All of the six-max events for sure and, of course, the main event.

"It would be silly to compare every year to 2010/2011"

Jake winning a WPT......
PokerStrategy.com: I see you as initially an online player, then you had the big live success. What did playing more live tournaments do to your online game after you were not able to grind day in, day out? 

Jake Cody:  I think my overall poker game has improved year in, year out, quite significantly, but without doubt I cant deny that if I still grinded online as hard as I used to then my game would be sharper online, and I would have a much better read on a lot of the predominantly online regs. 

However they would also have a better grasp of my game and tendencies so maybe there are some positive aspects too.  

PokerStrategy.com: You had what looks like a good last twelve months on paper, but when you have previously won the Triple Crown, is it hard to look at it that way? How do you manage your expectations when you have had early success?

Jake Cody: Yeah I would say it's been a successful year, I signed with Pokerstars, I made an EPT final table, a WSOP final table, won a UKIPT series event and cashed 4/4 10k's but you're completely right it does become difficult to quantify success.  

I do look back at what could have been but I think it's important to be positive and it would be silly to compare every year with 2010/11. 

"Daniel Negreanu was one of my idols"

Jake winning a WSOP bracelet....
PokerStrategy.com: Tell me about the EPT Grand Final. Many people called it the toughest final table of all time, did it feel any different because everyone at it had such great accomplishments?

Jake Cody: I think it was definitely the toughest EPT final table I have ever seen. I wanted to win so badly. 

I mean I was aware of how tough it was and I was just trying my best to exploit them, if you get overwhelmed in these situations you have lost before you even get to the felt.

PokerStrategy.com: How do you adjust at a final table like that where it's likely everyone is playing for the title first and the money second, and there is presumably no laddering or inexperience?

Jake Cody: There were no weak spots and everyone had been there before, however we are all human, every player has weaknesses. You just have to try and play well and hopefully it will be your day. Even with everyone's experience we were still playing for a hell of a lot of money I'm sure everyone was enjoying laddering as players busted.

PokerStrategy.com: What was it like playing against your PokerStars buddy Daniel Negreanu? How did you rate his game before, and after?

Jake Cody: Daniel was one my poker idols when I got interested in the game. I remember watching a documentary with him and Mike Matusow and then seeing them nearly every time poker was on TV. 

It was a lot of fun to play with him, with two/three tables out we got seated together for the first time and I thought he played really really well. He had a bad seat draw and rightfully tightened up and picked his spots well with some good postflop lines.  

"I want to be the first double-EPT winner"

A rare pic of Jake Cody
not winning a poker tournament
PokerStrategy.com: What is it like sharing this poker experience with your best friend from school (Double bracelet winner Matt Perrins)? Do you think the fact you have a similar amount of success is down to you both learning from each other?

Jake Cody: No doubt I wouldn't be where I am today without him. When we first got into poker we used to just play each other heads-up for hours on end, we have always been ultra competitive and our games are actually very similar we both play with a lot of heart and without fear.

PokerStrategy.com: What goals do you set yourself, especially now you have won the Triple Crown already?

Jake Cody: Still to this day there has never been a two-time EPT winner and it has to happen sooner or later, I want that person to be me. Life goals, I don't know, be good to people be happy, settle down and have a family one day.

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