"Invest time, study and grind"

After winning over $80K in a WCOOP tournament, we talk to Diamond member 'Juanki9605' about his achievements and career.

PokerStrategy.com: First things first, Congrats on your $80k score in the WCOOP.

juanki9605: Thanks! 

PokerStrategy.com: When did you realise you were on course for a big score?

juanki9605: From the beginning; I was playing a lot of tables and trying to pay the same attention to all, unless I'm running deep or if there's a special tournament like this one, then I focus more on those ones. When you start a tournament you really have to take it seriously from the beginning.

juanki9605 b4nkroll3r pokerstars wcoop
The lobby of the tournament juanki9605 will not forget in a hurry.

PokerStrategy.com: How was the final table itself?

juanki9605: It was quite tough, players with a lot of experience who didn't sweat it as much as I did; they perfectly knew how to exploit all the ICM spots. Very closed ranges. Some easy hands, some complicated, but all in all a great experience.

PokerStrategy.com: When you busted, were you satisfied because you got there or frustrated with the near miss?

juanki9605: Very happy.

PokerStrategy.com: Was this tournament a step up in buy-in for you?

juanki9605: All these +1K buy-in tournaments I've always played via satellites. So I don't usually pay direct for more than a $320 buy-in.

"I'm moving to Thailand"


PokerStrategy.com: You're in SpinLegends. What stakes do you play? Does SpinLegends also support your MTTs?

juanki9605: Yes, I'm part of SpinLegends, I play the highest level on .com ($100) and on .es (€100); but I must admit that mixing it with MTTs and live tournaments as well, I'm a bit behind my peers. Right now SpinLegends doesn't offer support for tournaments, with a few exceptions, but I hope they will do it in the future.

PokerStrategy.com: Why do you think SpinLegends players are so successful?

juanki9605: Both the material provided and their team organization are really good and then, obviously, the players who succeed it is because they have worked hard on their game with the material provided.

PokerStrategy.com: Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from and where do you live right now?

juanki9605: I'm from Malaga and I'm 21-years-old. I've been living in Malta for the past five years and now I'm mixing it between Malaga, live tournaments and this series in Cardiff in a grinder house and in very good company. Now I'm going to move with two SpinLegends mates to Thailand, I hope it all goes well there and for the good run to continue. I want to focus on working on my Spins and heads-up game and, with these two friends, I'm sure I will.

PokerStrategy.com: Thanks a lot for the interview, some final words of advice?

juanki9605: It's easy: invest time, study and grind... keep your motivation high... Results come easy if you do things right. Good luck and run good!

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