"My goal is the $100 Spins" – AKRN90

Celebrating three months of SpinLegends Russia we chat with a student who has already gone from the $7 to $30 Spins.

The Russian SpinLegends school has been active for three months, so now it's time to check in and see how it's going. From the end of August until the middle of October the school has accepted 20 players, 10 of them have moved up one limit and six students moved up two limits. Three students who started at the $7 limit are now successfully storming the $30s. These numbers speak for themselves, and today we're here with the very first student of the project. Meet Alfis aka 'AKRN90' and let's see how his game has changed over the past three months.

PokerStrategy.com: Hi, Alfis! Thank you for finding time to chat with us. Please introduce yourself first.


AKRN90: Hi, everybody! I'm 27. I live in a small village in Tatarstan, Russia. I couldn't finish my junior high school as, while in my last year, something terrible happened. In September 2007, I fell off a bike and ended up with fractured spine and spinal cord damage. Since that day, I've been tied to a wheelchair. I still managed to get my school certificate though. I remember how my teachers visited me at home and even held exams. It was a very difficult time for me. Then my parents convinced me to study at a local business college. I studied there remotely for four years and never had to use that knowledge in my life. I think it was a waste of time and money.

PokerStrategy.com: It's a severe blow for any person, especially for a teenager... What helped you keep your wits and fulfill yourself since then?

AKRN90: My parents, friends and acquaintances strongly supported me. At the time I didn't realise the full gravity of my situation. And when this realisation finally came, I was prepared for it mentally.

PokerStrategy.com: How did you find out about poker and when did you start playing online?

AKRN90: It was 7 or 8 years ago. I was looking for more information on poker and came across the PokerStrategy website.

PokerStrategy.com: What did you play back then and what were your achievements in poker before taking on Spin & Go's?

AKRN90: After my registration at PokerStrategy, I started playing cash tables mixing that with theory but couldn't show stable profits on limits higher than NL10. I tried to settle at NL25 but nothing good came out of it. Having lost a big chunk of my bankroll I decided to move down and fly low.

AKRN90 fishing
AKRN90 fishing

In time, I got sick of cash games and decided to try something new. And that's how I found Spins. It was going pretty good. I climbed to the $7 limit within a year and achieved good results.

PokerStrategy.com: Why did you decide to join SpinLegends?

AKRN90: I couldn't play higher than $7s because of my bankroll, so I started to think about joining the school. And, just in time, they opened the Russian division for SpinLegends. I sent my application and they accepted me after an interview.

It was all new for me: my first coaching, our group, new online friends. It was cool to start in a new way.

PokerStrategy.com: What limit did you start playing at with SpinLegends and where are you now?

AKRN90: I started at the $7 limit and now I'm at the $30s.

PokerStrategy.com: How did you fly through the $15s? It looks like you didn't have any experience at that limit.

AKRN90: As soon as I was accepted I started playing by using the charts and strategies provided by SpinLegends. After successful testing on the $7 limit I went to $15s.

AKRN90's graph for $7 spins
AKRN90's graph for $7 Spins

It was a bit scary at first but, from the start, I was sure I could beat that limit despite lagging below the EV line for some time. I had to play the volume of 2,500 Spins. After that my stats were good enough to transfer to the $30s.

AKRN90's graph for $15 spins
AKRN90's graph for $15 spins

PokerStrategy.com: They say $30 Spin & Go is considered the first limit where pros and amateurs are clearly divided. What do you think about the field there and what are your current results?

AKRN90: So far I've only played 650 tourneys there. The beginning was rough. But now the profit is pretty good and I'm pretty confident. I'm glad there are still many weak recreational players and regulars who often make mistakes.

AKRN90's graph for $30 spins
AKRN90's graph for $30 spins

PokerStrategy.com: What's the main change in your game since you joined the school?

AKRN90: I play with more confidence now.

PokerStrategy.com: Which forms of learning proved to be the most effective for you?

AKRN90: I really like our weekly coachings and how Stepan (our main coach) teaches us to improve on our own off the tables. The most feedback I received from my database analysis. After that my game has improved by a huge leap.

PokerStrategy.com: Tell us about general atmosphere in your student group.

AKRN90: The chat and forum are very friendly. Everyone wants to improve and move up the limits. We often discuss each other's hands and you can always learn something new or even plug your own leaks. This is a very good thing for me.

PokerStrategy.com: You've had your blog on Russian forum for a long time. Does it help you in any way?

AKRN90 with his nieces
AKRN90 with his nieces

AKRN90: I used to share my hands there before I joined the school. Other players' comments helped me very much. Now I mostly post my results there. It's always nice to show good graphs or boast big multipliers you've won. It gives me additional motivation.

PokerStrategy.com: What are your short and long-term poker plans?

AKRN90: Before joining the school I set a goal for myself to reach the $100 limit. I'm still working on it. For the last month of this year, I just want to play a lot of volume and show a good game.

PokerStrategy.com: Thank you for this conversation, Alfis! We wish you luck, success and, most important, good health! 

AKRN90: Thank you very much! And I'd like to thank all my friends and people who supported me, especially Valentine who taught me the basics of Spin & Gos and helped me build a solid base!

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