"Nobody can promise you success if you don't work hard"

We talk to 'davidceron10' who has moved from $0.25 Spins to $100 Spins in exactly a year.

Interview davidceron10
davidceron10, poker mode on.

PokerStrategy.com: Nice graph! Who is the man behind the graph?

davidceron10: My name is José David Cerón, I'm 29 and Colombian. Right now I live in Quito, Ecuador, with my wife and son and poker is my job. I left my country due to regulatory issues after PokerStars left the Colombian market.

PokerStrategy.com: What level do you play right now?

davidceron10: I'm playing $100 Spins.

PokerStrategy.com: What are your short term plans?

davidceron10: If we set the short term in the last quarter of this year, the plan is to finish with a EV ROI 5 minimum with a sample of more than 10K games. It will be quite easy to get to 10k games, the difficult part is to get that 5 EV mark... but there's still time.

davidceron10 graph pokerstars
davidceron10's graph for $100 Spins.

PokerStrategy.com: Why did you decide to join SpinLegends?

davidceron10: When I read about Álvaro's challenge, proving the profitability of the format and knowing that he had just opened the school... well, that and my desire to really improve my game, made me want to send my application to SpinLegends and I started exactly one year ago, on the 1st of October, playing the lowest stake, $0.25 Spins.

PokerStrategy.com: In your opinion, what is the reason why SpinLegends has generated so many winning players?

davidceron10: In my honest opinion, I believe that nobody can take you by the hand to get to your goals if you don't work hard to get them yourself. SpinLegends gives you a lot of the tools you need to grow as a player but, if you don't work hard, they cannot promise you that you will succeed. For me, it has been a combo of the material offered and the level of commitment of the guys.

PokerStrategy.com: What do you recommend PokerStrategists do in order to improve their game?

davidceron10: I guess you will think it's a cliché, but study and play, play as much as you can and, instead of complaining non-stop about variance and about how rigged the rooms are, work hard on what is within your control.

PokerStrategy.com: We wish you good luck, keep on crushing the stakes!

davidceron10: Thanks a lot for the interview, I hope it helps others to find their motivation and go after their dream.

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